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Meet acne's sustainable alternative to salicylic acid

Forget harsh potent skin-stripping ingredients, I'm all about the gentle giants. Those hard-working plant-based powerhouse finds that deliver incredible super-powers while staying kind and caring to skin. When I come across a 'gentle giant' ingredient that's also totally sustainable? You could say it's love at first... swatch!

That's exactly how I feel about the special 100% upcycled hemp seed oil we use in our best-selling By Sarah London Ally Blemish Recovery Oil – a UK skincare first, no less. Not only does it work to fight acne and the marks blemishes leave behind, it's also sustainably sourced from unwanted hemp seeds that would otherwise be headed for landfill. No new materials created, no existing resources wasted.

By Sarah London Blemish Recovery Oil

In this expert guide, I explain more about the eco-friendly, low-carbon alternative to salicylic acid...

 How does hemp oil treat acne?

If you're acne-prone, you've probably always steered away from oils and fatty acids for fear they'll cause further grease and blocked pores. Well, think again. Research shows acne-prone skins tend to be lacking in all-important linoleic acid. And guess what? Hemp oil – particularly our own upcycled kind – is jam-packed with the stuff!

In addition, our hemp oil contains natural CBD which can help treat inflammatory skin conditions including acne and skin redness.

Many spot-fighting products use salicylic acid which can strip the skin's important protective barrier over time, leading to a sensitised and reactive complexion or a vicious circle of increased oil production.

Hemp oil, on the other hand, actually strengthens the skin's barrier, leaving it plumper, calmer and more resilient. And it does all of this without a heavy feeling or greasy pore-blocking residue. Hello blemish-prone skin saviour!

How is our upcycled hemp seed oil sustainably sourced?

Here's the really interesting part. The hemp seed oil we use comes from seeds rescued from landfill. After being grown and harvested in the UK by hand, many get rejected as they don't meet the specifications for food use. That's where we swoop in! We save the nutrient-rich seeds from going to waste then cold-press them into a beautiful oil which stars in our By Sarah London Ally Blemish Recovery Oil.

This short controlled supply chain means we can also make sure certain nutrients in the oil are preserved – in particular, the antioxidants.

In tests, our upcycled hemp seed oil was found to contain a whopping 52% more antioxidants than standard hemp seed oil. The benefits of antioxidants? Think protection from skin-ageing pollution as well as calming, firming and brightening effects.

Of course, it's not just our ingredients that are sustainably sourced. We ensure that our packaging is eco-friendly, too. Our amber glass bottles preserve the integrity of the plant oils inside by guarding against UV light. You won't find any outer cartons, single-use cellophane or plastic wrapping, either. And our clear glass jars and bottles are endlessly recyclable.

What is the best natural hemp seed oil product for acne?

Wondering how can you get your own upcycled hemp seed oil fix? It's the hero ingredient in our award-winning Ally Blemish Recovery Oil, alongside organic jojoba oil, papaya seed oil and Vitamin E.

If you're experiencing persistent acne, apply a few drops of the serum onto clean damp skin each morning and night, taking time to pat and press it into the face and neck. For occasional spots, simply use it as a targeted nighttime treatment after applying our By Sarah London Hero Facial Oil in the morning.

I just know your skin will adore it as much as you do...


Written by: Sarah, Co-Founder, By Sarah London

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