The choices we make impact ourselves and the world around us. It's why we are committed to minimising our environmental footprint and choosing the most sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options. With every detail carefully considered to give you the most enjoyable BY SARAH experience.

In July 2019, we were awarded the Eco Age Brandmark for recognition of sustainable excellence. Each selected brand must meet rigorous criteria and is assessed on their commitment to supply chain, environmental impact, transparency and innovation. You can read more about what they loved most about our eco friendly brand. 

When you choose BY SARAH, this is the eco friendly packaging experience you can look forward to...

Amber Glass Bottles and Glass Jars

We only use amber glass bottles and jars for our organic skincare collection. To protect the integrity and high nutrient content of the organic, cold pressed plant-based oils, we use amber bottles which help to keep out the deteriorating effects of sunlight.

The glass is also fully reusable. You can upcycle the Organic Facial Oil and Organic Body Oil bottles as a single stem vase or use the Green Clay Face Mask and Green Clay Cleansing Balm jars as a home for kitchen essentials or jewellery. And when the glass is eventually recycled, it breaks down naturally and returns to its original state, mainly silica sand. 

Eco-friendly Skincare Packaging

We believe that less is more. It's why we don't use external cartons for any of our organic skincare to reduce excess packaging. Each order is hand-packed with fully recyclable paper and the smallest size box available is selected for each order. We only use cardboard shipping boxes which are fully recyclable and made from recycled material. There is no single use plastic or bubble wrap. And the note included with every order is made from post-consumer waste food materials. You can read more about our fulfillment partner and our new eco friendly packaging experience.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

A new feature you can now enjoy with your BY SARAH is the state of the art live tracking information. Once your order has been dispatched, you'll receive a shipping email confirmation so you can track your order in live time. This means you'll know when it will be due to arrive and be available to receive it. The upside? Not only more convenience for you, but a smaller carbon footprint as less parcels will need to redelivered or made available for collection. 


We are always looking for more ways to be as sustainable and kind towards our environment as possible. Do you have any eco friendly skincare packaging ideas you've seen and would love us to use too? Drop us a note at We'd love to hear from you!