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hemp seed leaf

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

Our Ally Recovery Facial Oil is formulated with zero waste hemp seed oil, the sustainable and highly efficacious plant-based ingredient which has many skincare benefits and positive sustainability features. Perfect for people with blemish-prone, hormonal skin. 

What are the skin benefits of hemp oil?

Hemp plays a vital role in nourishing and strengthening the skin barrier, due to its high fatty acids, particularly linoleic acid content which is the most prevalent fatty acid in our hemp seed oil. 

What are the benefits of linoleic acid?

Linoleic acid can significantly benefit acne-prone skin and help to balance the skin’s natural sebum levels. Acne-prone skins tend to have low levels of linoleic acid in their skin surface. Using our Ally Recovery Facial Oil, which is high in linoleic acid, will work to nourish and protect the skin without being too heavy or clogging pores.

How does natural CBD benefit skin?

Our hemp oil contains a standardised level of natural CBD (cannadibiol) content and the hemp variety we use, Finola, contains the highest level of CBD in the seeds. While hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the plant, CBD oil is made using the leaves, stalks and flowers which have higher concentrations of CBD. Research has indicated that cannabinoids have a potential role in treatments for several skin conditions, including acne and skin redness.

What anti-inflammatory properties does hemp oil have?

Our hemp seed oil contains other skin-enhancing cannabinoids (naturally occurring compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant) which contribute to the overall beneficial effects of the hemp oil for skin, including: high levels of essential fatty acids, in addition to flavonoids, terpenoids and other phenolics. All of these active compounds work in synergy to provide essential nourishment and numerous anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin. By counteracting the damage caused by free radicals and reducing the appearance of inflammation, skin dullness and redness is diminished.

How is hemp oil sourced?

Our zero waste hemp seed oil is an innovative and sustainably sourced ingredient that is saved from landfill. The hemp seeds are grown and harvested in the UK by hand. A large proportion of these seeds are rejected as they don't meet the specification for food use. The nutrient-rich seeds are rescued from going to waste and landfill and then cold-pressed into the oil we use. No new materials created; no existing resources wasted. The plant seeds become the high quality, natural and sustainable hemp seed oil which we then use in our Ally Recovery Facial Oil


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