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Our story

The story of two sisters

When Lauren was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia, her sister, Sarah, became her stem cell donor and saved Lauren's life. 

As Lauren recovered, Sarah struggled to find natural yet effective products to soothe and revitalise Lauren's cancer ravaged skin. 

So she decided to develop her own formulas and, with this act of sisterly love, skincare By Sarah was born.

Our commitment

Natural, soothing and restorative

This is our rule for everything we make. We know from personal experience that stressed and sensitive skin needs a different approach. That’s why we’ve spent years developing our formulas to find the perfect balance between science and nature, combining personal experience with professional expertise. Finding alternatives to the latest skin care ‘revolutionary’ ingredients that don’t cause any upset or unwanted side effects. We know that true transformation is a highly personal and individual journey. So we don’t make false promises. The only promise we do make is that all our products will help restore your skin to look and feel its best. 

By Sarah 4 step skincare routine

We take problems personally

White, clinical, sterile and bland - the shelves are full of it.

Endless rows of specialised products that all claim to calm and soothe your stressed out skin but in reality, leave you feeling labelled, excluded and shunned. Like you’re only allowed to shop in the ‘problem skin’ section and can’t have anything beautiful or luxurious in your bathroom cabinet. That’s not what we do. From meticulously chosen ingredients to our amazing packaging, everything we make is made with you and your skin in mind. We’ve been there. We see you. We hear you.