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About Us

Skin care with a mission to empower conscious living through honest upfront labelling and pure authenticity

Two sisters on a mission

BY SARAH LONDON - Sisters Sarah and Lauren

We’re two sisters, Sarah and Lauren, with a bold and empowering mission of bringing greater clarity, authenticity and simplicity to skincare. BY SARAH LONDON is the only UK skincare collection with the full list of ingredients on the front label across the entire collection. This pioneering initiative is to help you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin - and to showcase the beautiful all-natural and organic, plant-based ingredients inside. This is the new standard in conscious living.

Many mainstream, conventional brands use ingredients they’d rather we don’t know about. Their skincare products contain ingredients to make them feel a certain way or to prolong the shelf life. But these ingredients don’t provide any benefits to your skin and, worse still, are well documented to cause harm to our health and planet. It doesn't have to be this way. 

Our passion to help you make more conscious choices began with Lauren’s recovery from leukaemia in 2012. While searching for gentle and effective products to soothe and nourish Lauren’s dry, sensitive skin, Sarah found a problem. It was almost impossible to tell what was in the products! Even many natural and organic ranges had long, cryptic ingredient lists and often confusing and misleading labelling. 

BY SARAH LONDON - Organic Facial Oil & Green Clay Cleansing Balm - all ingredients listed on front label
So, Sarah took matters into her own hands, literally! With her knowledge of working in the skincare industry and her childhood passion for skincare, she formulated and handcrafted her own blends using carefully-curated, sustainably-sourced and organic, plant-based ingredients. The result? Her skincare was not only loved by Lauren but was highly sought after by friends and family too - and the seeds of BY SARAH LONDON were born.

As Sarah refined her plant-based blends over the years, Lauren made a full recovery from leukaemia (with Sarah as her stem cell donor) and the sisters joined forces to launch BY SARAH LONDON in November 2017. From a place of authenticity and sincerity, the sisters are striving to empower conscious living, starting with their natural and organic, plant-powered skincare. 


Highest-quality, natural and organic, ethically-sourced ingredients

Our much loved and multi award-winning skincare is made from the highest-quality natural and organic, plant-based oils, salts and clays from the earth and seas. 

When using ingredients that can be grown in soil, we use certified-organic ingredients. The plant-based ingredients are certified-organic by The Soil Association, which means:

  • Each one has flourished under the strictest requirements of organic farming: synthetic pesticides, artificial chemical fertilisers, herbicides and GM crops are prohibited
  • Their cultivation protects the soil, respects animal welfare and minimises pollution 
  • The quality of the ingredient is not compromised, meaning richer nutrients for your skin

Each of the ingredients we use has been chosen to perform a specific function for your skin, from collagen-boosting Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil to anti-inflammatory Organic Evening Primrose Oil. With absolutely no hidden, artificial or synthetic chemicals, our skincare is free from fillers or anything that would dilute the nutrient-rich and skin-enhancing benefits of the plant-based ingredients we use. We believe that less, but using the very best, really is more.

BY SARAH LONDON - Natural and Organic skincare collection - Full ingredient list on the front label




“We’re committed to using only the finest natural and organic, ethically-sourced plant-based ingredients to create beautiful skin care suited to all skin types.”

We use only the highest-quality, cold-pressed oils. Cold-pressing preserves the ingredient quality, potency and purity in a way that heat-treating cannot, and these oils absorb into your skin far more easily. 

Our skincare is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, oily and dry skins. We don’t add any scent to our products so you can experience the scent of the natural ingredients; with no added fragrance or essential oils, they are neutral, universal blends to be enjoyed by both men and women. 

We have never and will never test on animals; the entire collection is certified cruelty free with Cruelty Free International. The vegan products in our collection are certified with The Vegan Society. Look for the logos on the product pages of our website and the labels of the products too.

Consciously designed for you and the environment

BY SARAH LONDON - Transparent, natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free skincare hand-blended in the UK

We use amber glass bottles for the oil-based blends to help preserve the integrity of the plant-based oils inside. We use clear glass jars and bottles too. We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint and encourage our customers to recycle or find creative ways to reuse the bottles and glass jars.




We don't use outer packaging for the products and the cardboard postal boxes and paper packaging we use to ship the products can be recycled – we don’t use plastic bubble wrap and constantly seek new ways to reduce our environmental impact.

All of our skincare is hand-blended, packaged and shipped from West Sussex, England so we have full control of the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution.

Our skincare collection complies with European regulations and has been tested for its safety and stability, the Cosmetic Product Safety Report, by leading industry assessors.


BY SARAH LONDON - Bath Salts - 100% natural and hand-blended in the UK

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Want to say hello or know more? Connect with us on social media on Instagram and Facebook or drop us an email at hello@bysarahlondon.com.