By Sarah London

Sarah first developed natural skincare to restore and repair her sister's sensitive, fragile skin when she was recovering from an aggressive form of leukaemia, with only a 20% chance of survival.
After a life-saving stem cell transplant from Sarah, the sisters teamed up to launch By Sarah London with the purpose of transforming emotional wellbeing for sensitive, stressed skin. 
With their industry-leading ingredient transparency, targeted formulas and commitment to sustainability, By Sarah London is changing the face of beauty.
Our natural, science-led formulations strengthen the skin barrier and support the skin's microbiome to repair, regenerate and regain balance, through innovative plant oil formulas that deliver vital nutrients, enzymes, and lipids. Handmade in the UK and developed with the highest quality, cold-pressed organic and upcycled plant oils, every drop is there for your skin to deliver long-lasting results. We avoid synthetic fragrances, essential oils and ingredients known to irritate sensitive skin. Our labels are also fully transparent with the ingredient list detailed on the front of the label.
We are proud to be a certified B Corp, committed to safeguarding our planet and minimising our environmental impact.
And we understand the physical and emotional impact of sensitive, stressed skin and are empowering our community by helping you get back to you.

With love, Sarah & Lauren.

Sisters & Co-Founders


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