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Skincare at 30,000ft

Now that we’re able to start travelling abroad again, for the most part, many of us will be planning trips abroad and dreaming of lying by the sea, glowing with radiant, supple skin that’s as clear as the lagoon waters. That is, however, before you get off the plane en route to your holiday destination with clogged pores and dry patches that definitely weren’t there when you took off. So why does this happen, and how can you prevent it?

What’s going on up there?

Let’s face it: being 30,000ft up in the air must do something to our skin, but have you ever wondered what? First things first, you’re a lot closer to the sun, so those damaging UV rays are going to be even stronger up in the air. There’s also a serious drop in humidity on a plane. Our skin tends to love a higher humidity (around 50% is thought to be the best), but on planes this can drop to as low as 20% relative humidity.

Research showed that low humidity and low temperatures lead to a general decrease in skin barrier function and the skin can become more reactive towards skin irritants. This means that whilst flying to your dream holiday, your skin needs as much help as it can get to ensure you’re still glowing when you get off that plane.

Hydration, hydration, hydration

If there’s one thing you do for your skin when flying, let it be giving yourself maximum hydration. That means drinking plenty of water (bonus points if you can add some electrolytes, like coconut water) and keep your skin topped up using our Reviver Hydration Mist

The secret ingredient? Our innovative Desert Rose Moisture Retention Complex is a truly incredible botanical that increases moisture levels by a staggering 71% after just 24 hours! 

If you’re feeling you really want to soak up some hydration goodness, put on a layer of our Saviour Moisture Mask before take off. This hyaluronic gel mask will pull in as much moisture as it can get to instantly quench dry complexions and leave your skin refreshed and holiday-ready.

Worried about keeping your holiday manicure and pedicure perfectly fresh? Keep our Lip & Hand Balm on stand-by for any dry patch top ups, and you’ll be good to go.

Get the grime off

A common post-flight skin concern is blemishes and it’s no surprise when you think of everything that’s floating about in the recirculating aircraft air conditioning. It’s time to pull out the Balancer Oil-to-Milk Cleanser and remove any makeup before you set off (don’t worry, no one looks THAT good on a flight) and repeat when you land. This makes sure you’re keeping your pores clean without stripping away at your skin barrier.

Pro-tip: Our entire skincare collection is suitable to be kept in hand-luggage. Never go without your skincare favourites with our Hand Luggage Heroes bundle

Time for some shut eye

Easier said than done if you’ve got a crying baby on board and a lot of turbulence, but try to get as much sleep as possible on long-haul flights. Put on your eye mask, shut the blind and put on some ocean waves through your headphones to relax with. You could even try doing some meditation if you’re really feeling up for it. 

Whatever you do, try to avoid alcohol whilst flying. It may settle the nerves of some before trying to sleep, but alcohol can severely dehydrate you - there’s a reason why we don’t include it in our products.  

Follow these simple tips and tricks and you’ll be striding off that plane crying ‘jet lag who?’.


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