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More Plants, More Love

This New Year is all about letting in more of the positive things in life: more plants, more love. When you choose plant based skincare, you're supporting so much more than healthy skin with beautiful vitamins, essential omegas and minerals. You're supporting the future of our planet too.

Organic plant oils help to protect the planet

Where an ingredient can be grown in soil, we choose organic plant based ingredients, like organic apricot oil and organic pumpkin seed oil, which have been certified by the The Soil Association. Organic plants flourish under the strictest requirements of organic farming where synthetic pesticides, artificial chemical fertilisers, herbicides and GM crops are prohibited. Their cultivation protects the soil, respects animal welfare and minimises pollution of the ground, air and waterways. Plus, the quality of the plant oil is not compromised meaning richer nutrients and higher performing skincare.

By Sarah London Raspberry Seed Cleansing Oil

argan oil balances your skin and supports female communities

Cold-pressed, certified-organic argan oil in our Organic Facial Oil has flourished without synthetic pesticides and artificial chemical fertilisers, supporting the health of the soil and local communities, including the co-operative of Berber women we work with who harvest the argan tree in Morocco. This powerhouse plant oil is loved by both dry and oily-prone skins; argan is a sebum-balancing ingredient, helping the skin to even out its production of oil, supporting both oily and dry skins. 

By Sarah London Organic Facial Oil

hemp seed oil is grown in the uk and saved from landfill

Upcycled hemp seed oil in our Hemp-Infused Blemish Recovery Oil is an innovative and sustainably sourced ingredient grown in the UK that would otherwise have been sent to landfill. A large proportion of the seeds are rejected as they don't meet the specification for food use. The nutrient-rich seeds are rescued from going to waste and cold pressed into the beautiful antioxidant-rich oil we use. No new materials created, no existing resources wasted. 

By Sarah London Hemp Infused Blemish Recovery Oil

See how more plants in your skincare can support your skin, your self love rituals and love for planet earth too. Shop Now.


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