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Meet the Ally Blemish Recovery Oil

From acne masks packed with salicylic acid to glycolic exfoliators and retinol-loaded creams, we're forever being told the best way to treat spots is with products containing countless harsh actives. But did you know many of these blemish-fighting products could be doing your skin more harm than good? Often they strip the skin, attack our protective barrier and mess with our skin's delicate microbiome resulting in a vicious circle of redness, sensitivity, dehydration and, yep you guessed it, further breakouts.

Enter: our Ally Blemish Recovery Oil. Formerly known as By Sarah London Hemp Infused Blemish Recovery Oil and one of our most popular products, this award-winning spot-healing superstar takes a different approach. And it really works.

Read on to uncover just why the Ally is such a wonder worker for acne-prone skin...

By Sarah London Blemish Recovery Oil

Why did we name it the 'Ally?'

One of our most asked questions is 'can oily skin use your face oils?' The answer is yes, absolutely! All our products are designed to suit every skin type and any age or gender.

However, knowing many of our customers are going through hormonal changes, cancer treatment and pregnancy (all of which can cause breakouts), we wanted to develop a product that specifically gets to work on blemishes, and features a lightweight easily-absorbed texture that oily skins will adore.

Whether it's a regular crop of spots, time-of-the-month acne or the occasional big blighter, consider the Ally your skin's support network in a bottle. Our trusty blemish-healing blend truly has your back and won't let you down.

By Sarah London Blemish Recovery Oil

What are the ingredients in By Sarah London Ally Blemish Recovery Oil?

The Ally doesn't contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid or retinol. Instead? It's powered by powerful upcycled Hemp Seed Oil that boasts 52 per cent more antioxidants than standard hemp seed oil as well as linoleic acid which acne-prone skins often lack.

This lightweight, non-pore blocking ingredient is sustainably sourced from unwanted hemp seeds that would otherwise be headed for landfill. It contains CBD which can help treat inflammatory skin conditions including acne and redness. And unlike many other spot-fighting ingredients, it actually strengthens the skin's barrier and helps balance its microbiome for a calmer and more resilient complexion.

In the Ally, it works alongside Organic Jojoba Oil (that reduces sebum production), Papaya extracts (that gently remove dead skin cells) and Vitamin E that helps repair skin.

How do I use By Sarah London Ally Blemish Recovery Oil?

This genius serum can be used in different ways to suit you. Simply apply a few drops onto clean, damp skin each morning and night, if you are experiencing persistent acne. Take the time to pat and press the oil into the face and neck, rather than applying it to a single zit or cluster of spots. It works perfectly after cleansing with the Balancer Oil-to-milk Cleanser and spritzing with the Reviver Hydrating Mist. 

Alternatively, enjoy our Hero Facial Oil in the morning and the Ally as a targeted evening treatment to help with hormonal breakouts and the occasional spot. Once skin has improved, you can return to using the Hero as normal each morning and night.

By Sarah London Ally Blemish Recovery Oil reviews

It's all in the name! It really is an 'Ally' for so many of our customers:

"Since using this, my acne-prone skin has healed and any flare-ups are quickly dissipated. Plus my red scarring from blemishes has been dramatically reduced. Definitely been my skincare saviour!" Emmeline – Feefo review

"THIS IS A MIRACLE IN THE FORM OF OIL! My skin improved after using it less than a week. No irritation whatsoever. Skin is not oily after using and surprisingly it does not feel sticky and greasy like other oils from other brands I’ve tried. It works like a dream! Also, my sister who is struggling with a really acute type of acne said that this oil helped her more than any harsh medication prescribed by doctor. And it’s only after few days of using (stealing from me:) ). The difference is significant! Skin feels healthier and in better condition. Overall, I love it, my sister loves it and I’ll definitely recommend it to anyone with the skin problem I know." Paulina – Feefo review

"Incredible and rapid results. A product that I can rely upon to help me diminish any breakouts as soon as they appear, vanishing them within a couple of days!" Ella – Feefo review

Shop the Ally Blemish Recovery Oil today.


Written by: Sarah, Co-Founder, BY SARAH

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