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We Are Sisterhood: Interview with Millie Gooch

As part of our We Are Sisterhood initiative, we're shining a spotlight on the women behind some of the most remarkable ventures; the businesses and passion projects championing everything from sustainable fashion to social activism, with one thing in common – they have someone identifying as female at the helm.

Sober Girl Society founder Millie Gooch has a simple mission – to show the world you can still live a fun and fulfilled life after you break up with booze. And, boy, has she nailed it.

With a book (her debut The Sober Girl Society Handbook immediately topped the Amazon bestseller charts this year), countless events, an online shop, a community blog, not to mention a cool 140,000 Instagram followers under her belt; it's hard to believe the 30-year-old journalist founded one of the world's largest communities for sober women just three years ago.

Connecting people globally via bottomless boozeless brunches, sober sweat dance classes and even work with universities, it's a wonder Millie still finds time to craft her smart info-packed posts and hilarious video content. Now, *that's* proof you really can be more productive when you're not suffering hangovers!

Here, we catch up with Millie to find out her advice for budding female business owners...

How did Sober Girl Society begin?

It started when I was seven months sober. I was desperate to find a community of other women, like me, who I could chat to about non-alcoholic wine and share tips on sober dating. But I just couldn't find anything online for young British women – so I started it myself! 

Which women have inspired you along the way?

Catherine Gray has been one of my biggest inspirations. She wrote The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober and it was the book that kickstarted my journey.

What are your tips for other females dreaming of starting their own venture – whether a business or passion project?

Start something you'd need/use yourself. If you've thought about how you need it, it's likely someone else has too. Try not to start something that's already out there – the easiest way to build a successful business is to be the first to fill the gap.

What has been the most challenging element of starting your own business and how have you overcome this?

It's probably been the fact that most days I don't know what I'm doing. I've always been in creative jobs and don't have an entrepreneurial flare. I always say I'm an 'accidental entrepreneur.' I've solved it by a) asking for help and b) accepting it! You have to accept that you don't know everything so sign up to courses or classes and don't be afraid to reach out to others in the same boat.


Interviewed by: Sarah, Co-Founder, By Sarah London.

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