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We Are Sisterhood: Interview with Simone Powderly

As part of our We Are Sisterhood initiative, we're shining a spotlight on the women behind some of the most remarkable ventures; the businesses and passion projects championing everything from sustainable fashion to social activism, with one thing in common – they have someone identifying as female at the helm.

Model, body confidence advocate and wellness activist Simone Powderly is good vibes – bottled. From her vibrant grin to her vivacious curls, the beauty, who's modelled for Marks & Spencer and Curvy Kate, positively radiates 'happy'.

But it wasn't always that way for the childhood sexual abuse survivor. Determined for something positive to come out of her experience, Simone created My Trauma My Healing - a space for her to share her own personal journey. She's also co-founder of The Teen Experience - a series of development workshops especially for young women.

We caught up with Simone to talk body positivity, businesses and her inspirations...

Can you tell me more about the two ventures you're currently working on and the story behind them?

The birth of The Teen Experience began with my friend Jamelia Donaldson. We wanted to create personal development workshops for 12-19 year-olds but most importantly, a safe place. We have been doing them for three years and it’s beautiful to see the growth with the girls. It’s been on pause due to COVID but I can’t wait to be back. My Trauma My Healing is in the early stages – I wanted to create a space where I can share my journey of healing from child sexual abuse. 

Which women inspire you in your work and why?

Tracee Ellis Ross – she truly steps in her power and is not only a talented actress but she really advocates for her community. She always inspires me. My mum and friends constantly inspire me, too. They’re the first circle of women I go to with things I'm passionate about and have they helped me be able to do the work I do. 

Which women in your life have supported you most and how?

You know what, I have been supported by so many women over the years. I’m grateful for them all – no matter how big or small, it’s led me to where I am now. They've helped me find my power and always made me feel like I can do things when I felt I couldn’t. 

What are your top tips for any women wanting to start their own business or venture? 

Only share your ideas with a handful of people you trust – those you truly feel will help guide you on your business or venture. All my ventures came from my journey of self discovery, so continue to always learn and grow.

Network! Your friends may not want to go so find the courage to attend an event, workshop or course by yourself. 

Dont doubt your idea, especially when you see something similar out there. How many hair brands are out there? Just continue to work on it everyday! If you’re ever in doubt remember no one is you, and thats your power so remind yourself daily. I have to always do that with my passion projects! 

You radiate so much confidence which is just lovely to see. When do you feel most body confident?

I am MOST body confident when I’m dancing. I have been through trauma so when I dance it allows me to let go and connect to my body in all its glorious power! I also definitely love a good loungewear tracksuit! Comfort is everything for me with my body.

What are your favourite health and wellness moments that give you a lift each day?

In the morning, I drink water, show gratitude, sage and Palo Santo! I love to cleanse my space. I have a good old dance in the evening to shake the day off and connect with my body. I also love to swim – being in, or near, water grounds me, especially when the world feels a little heavy! 


Interviewed by: Sarah, Co-Founder, By Sarah London.

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