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Menopausal skin: the best products and how to care for it

After decades of sussing out how to look after our complexion, it seems pretty unfair to be thrown a whole host of brand new skin bugbears once the menopause strikes. Whether it's a sudden influx of dry skin, sensitivity or acne, this shift in hormones can unleash all kinds of changes.

But fear not, I'm here to help you navigate this tricky time. From how to soothe sensitivity to the best products for dryness, read on for our ultimate guide to dealing with menopausal skin...

How does the menopause and peri-menopause affect skin?

The peri-menopause typically starts in your mid-40s and refers to the time when periods start to become more irregular. You still have oestrogen at this point but you might begin to experience a temperamental complexion including breakouts, rosacea and some new dry or oily patches.

The menopause officially begins one year after your last period and leads to a sharp decline in levels of the oestrogen hormone. This drop has an impact on collagen production resulting in drier, thinner and less elastic skin.

Alongside acne and dryness, many women notice increased sensitivity, redness and flushing.

"I’ve been using the Balancer oil-to-milk Cleanser & Hero Facial Oil - a perfect combination! I have extremely sensitive skin & am more prone to spots/dry skin since being in the menopause after chemo. Although I still get breakouts, these products really help to calm my skin & reduce the severity of my flare ups." - Laura, customer review

Which ingredients and products are best for menopausal skin?

It's all about counteracting those plummeting collagen levels! Make a beeline for restorative plant oils that will calm and cosset, pumping back all that lost moisture.

By Sarah London Hero Facial Oil

Our Hero Facial Oil contains a medley of winning ingredients. I'm talking organic Sweet Almond Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Argan Oil and Vitamin E that are brimming with nutrients to nourish and repair. Replacing the need for day and night creams, this acts like the ultimate smoothie for your skin. Massage in a few drops, using upward circular motions, to help lift your face and boost radiance. It works seamlessly under makeup, too, adding a gentle dewy luminosity that menopausal skin often craves.

Don't forget your arms and legs, too. The skin on the rest of the body undergoes all the same changes so you might experience dry itchy skin all over. Our Body Oil is your shortcut to soft, soothed limbs – simply massage it in, ideally after a shower or bath to supercharge its hydrating prowess. Jojoba Oil boasts redness-reducing properties while Apricot Oil boosts suppleness.

And if you're plagued by hot flushes? Our Saviour Moisture Mask really lives up to its name during this time of hormonal flux. The calming gel formula floods skin with hydration and delivers an extra cooling sensation when stored in the fridge first. 

If the flashes strike when you're out, turn to our handbag-sized Reviver Hydrating Mist instead. The star ingredient – Desert Rose Moisture Retention Complex – has been proven to up the skin's moisture levels by 71 per cent in just 24 hours.

And crucially, the prebiotic blend cares for your skin's microbiome – something that can often become out of whack during the menopause.

How to treat breakouts in menopausal skin

Having to deal with adult acne can come as a surprise, especially if you haven't suffered blemishes since your school days. But resist the urge to whip out the harsh spot-fighting products you might have turned to as a teen.

Salicylic acid can be particularly irritating for menopausal skin, leaving it dry and irritated. Instead opt for our Ally Blemish Recovery Oil that uses upcycled hemp seed oil to shrink spots while calming any redness. It can be used as a targeted treatment at night, or apply it in the morning too, if you're experiencing persistent breakouts.

By Sarah London Ally Blemish Recovery Oil

Don't forget to also consider the cleanser you're using. Those containing acids or exfoliating beads can be too potent for a delicate menopausal complexion. Our Balancer Oil-to-milk Cleanser takes off makeup and SPF without stripping away your skin's goodness. And, as with our entire range, it's free from fragrance, drying sodium lauryl sulphate and essential oils so there's no need to worry about extra irritation.

Boosted Skincare

Knowing the unbelievable skin benefits Vitamin C can deliver, we've been determined to bring you a blend that lets sensitive skin in on the action, too! And we didn't stop there. We spent many months working hard behind-the-scenes to bring you an alternative to retinol. A plant-powered oil – suitable for even the most sensitive of skins – that offers retinol-like properties without the irritation. Both our Vitamin C+E Daily Radiance Booster and Bakuchiol Daily Recovery Booster have been designed with the most sensitive skin in mind, and slot seamlessly into your morning and evening skincare routine as the final "boosted" step. The result? A visible skin transformation without redness, irritation or sensitivity – for day and night.

By Sarah London Skincare Boosters

Our menopausal skin must-haves

We've bundled up our menopausal skin must-haves to help soothe sensitivity and hydrate dry skin. And that's not all, you can save 17% with our Menopause Balancing Bundle, compared to purchasing the products individually.

Menopause Balancing Bundle

Get ready for skin that's calm, resilient and oh-so-radiant... just like you!


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