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Summer skincare: How to prepare for a special occasion

From oily skin and acne to shaving rash, insect bites and post-sunshine dry skin, summer can come with a whole host of skincare bugbears. Whether you're getting ready to jet off, heading to a wedding, a summer festival, or you're simply enjoying a glorious Great British summer – with a few simple tricks – it's easy to keep skin looking radiant all season. 

You might think you need to take your skin to 'boot camp' in the run-up to a big event, with super-strength actives and over-exfoliation. But this can have the opposite effect, wreaking havoc on our skin barrier and microbiome leading to breakouts, irritation and dullness. Instead, imagine you're sending it on a yoga retreat! Opt for a pared-back – yet consistent – routine with streamlined, nurturing formulas. Read on to find out just how.

By Sarah London Reviver Hydrating Mist

How to hydrate skin in the morning

Layering on countless different products can leave skin feeling sticky and suffocated, especially during the warm summer months. Instead? After your morning cleanse, just spritz your face with By Sarah London Reviver Hydrating Mist. Then pop on a few drops of By Sarah London Hero Facial Oil that does the job of multiple serums and moisturisers in one easy hit.

Their powers? While the mist cools, hydrates and boosts your skin's important microbiome and protective barrier function, the oil plumps and smoothes skin. The latter also boasts Vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant, fighting the effects of the sun's ageing free radicals. Simply follow with a broad-spectrum, high-SPF sunscreen.

Protected, hydrated and oh-so-radiant - triple tick!

By Sarah London Hero facial oil

For glowing skin when you're on the go

We're all used to leaving the house with little more than a mask, hand sanitiser and our house keys. But spending the whole day out and about calls for a few SOS skincare must-haves. I'm never without our By Sarah London Lip and Hand Balm that's like a Mary Poppins bag of tricks in one nifty pot. Think taming unruly brows, soothing insect bites, hydrating hands and soothing lips that are dry from the heat or a seaside breeze (we can dream, right?)

And if you've ever suffered that panic when you look down and notice your heels are looking more 'trotters' than 'groomed tootsies?' One swipe of this will make them appear smoother and more polished faster than you can say 'pedi, please.'

By Sarah London lip and hand balm

I also always stash our Reviver Hydrating Mist in my bag. This genius spritz is more than just a mist. In an instant, it cools me down, revives lacklustre makeup and adds a flattering glow. But I love knowing it's also getting to action on my complexion deep down, working to soothe inflammation and deliver intense hydration. Even if you suffer from rosacea, eczema or psoriasis, you can veil it on throughout the day and rest assured it won't leave you looking irritated.

The best summer skincare routine for the evening

Whether it's pollution particles after hotfooting it around the city or sweat following that spontaneous post-picnic rounders match, skin always needs a good cleanse at the end of the day. I love our By Sarah London Balancer Oil-to-milk Cleanser for this. It whips off makeup, grime and impurities without stripping the skin, leaving it clean yet comfortable. 

By Sarah London Balancer oil to milk cleanser

If you've found yourself suffering from summer breakouts, follow with our lightweight By Sarah London Ally Blemish Recovery Oil that helps blitz spots and the marks they leave behind. Otherwise, opt for a few drops of our much-loved Hero Facial Oil again.

To cool off after a day in the sun and quench thirsty skin, treat your skin to our Saviour Moisture MaskIt's a deeply-moisturising, lightweight hyaluronic gel mask, bursting with naturally-derived hyaluronic acid and aloe leaf extract to instantly boost hydration - better yet it gets to work in only 10 minutes!

For smooth silky legs

It's not just our face that can take a hit during the summer months. Sun, sand (okay, maybe I'm being a little optimistic) and frequent shaving or waxing can all take their toll, particularly on our pins. By Sarah London Body Oil is the beauty equivalent of a long, thirst-quenching drink for dry skin. Drizzle a little into your palms then massage it into slightly damp skin to really pump back moisture. The blend of plant-based goodies like Organic Jojoba Oil and Organic Sweet Almond Oil repairs skin, leaving it soothed and beautifully soft.

Applying it with long sweeping motions towards your heart has the added benefit of boosting circulation to help ease puffiness. Use it in the evening as an overnight treat or pop it on ahead of a day spent outside. It dries super-fast so you can apply your sunscreen on top.

That's your summer skincare sorted. Now, all hail the summer of F-U-N!

By Sarah London body oil

Save on our summer skin saviours

Step into summer with our Summer Hydration Heroes, this bundle has everything you need to deliver instant hydration for a radiant glow - all summer long. Summer Hydration Heroes

Take our Hand Luggage Heroes on your travels safe in the knowledge that they're all 100ml or less - our airport-ready sizes are perfect for slipping into an overnight bag or for long haul travel. 

Hand Luggage Heroes

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Written by: Sarah, Co-Founder, By Sarah London

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