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Five Foods This Nutritionist Eats For Glowing Skin

If anyone knows about beauty-boosting foods, it's the ever-radiant, senior specialist dietitian Kaitlin Colucci, also known as The Mission Dietitian, whose incredible nutrition know-how and sunny personality have scored her a devoted following on Instagram. Kaitlin also offers one-to-one private consultations as well as working on Harley Street as part of the uber-successful Rhitrition clinic.

Here we chat with Kaitlin for more of her wellness wonder tips and she reveals her five ultimate foods (well, four plus a drink!) for delivering that elusive, lit-from-within glow we all crave.

1. For plumper skin: Salmon

We all know salmon is brilliant for our brain but the fish is one of Kaitlin's go-tos for maintaining a strong, luminous complexion, too. Its super power? "Its jam-packed with Omega-3s, with the highest concentration found in the skin. These essential fatty acids can help with calming inflammation and retaining moisture which in turn can lead to more supple, elastic skin," Kaitlin comments.

2. Best grain for acne: Oats 

Oats are another key player in Kaitlin's skin-supporting arsenal. Why? A diet that's super high in starchy carbs (think bread, potatoes, pasta and rice) can lead to increased levels of insulin which has been linked to an overproduction of sebum. Some studies have even demonstrated an improvement in acne following a low GI diet for ten weeks.

Try swapping your breakfast sarnie for overnight oats or a simple morning porridge topped with two more of Kaitlin's favourite complexion-cosseting foods...

3. Vitamin-rich fruit: Blueberries

These little beauties are loaded with Vitamin C and phytochemicals – two saviours for healthy skin. 'Blueberries are a wonderful source of Vitamin C – an antioxidant that's required for collagen production,' Kaitlin explains. And phytochemicals? These can help protect skin from environmental aggressors that cause ageing including dullness, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. They're small but VERY mighty! 

4. Best for healthy fats: Walnuts

These clever nuts are positively bursting with healthy fats and plant-based Omega 3s, according to Kaitlin. This means, like salmon, they can go some way towards helping with skin hydration contributing to a plumper, bouncier, more even complexion over time.

They're also a rich source of Vitamin E and zinc. Yep, consider them to be one of your skin's BFFs.

5. The A-lister secret: Water

"A-listers are forever citing water as their biggest beauty secret but it's true – good old H2O really is crucial for healthy, happy skin. Every bodily function requires it. From our tissues to our organs, things just don't work so well when we're not getting enough," explains Kaitlin. 

Aim for two litres a day and don't forget that herbal caffeine-free teas and some fruit and vegetables, such as watermelon or cucumber, are a great way to up your fix, too. Bon appétit! 

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