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Tackling waste in the beauty industry

This National Recycling Week, we're diving into what we do and why we do it. If there’s one thing you should know about By Sarah London, it’s that we take sustainability seriously. From our organic, natural ingredients to our amber glass bottles and recycled packaging, we are committed to making a positive impact. It's why we are proud to be a certified B Corporation, meeting the highest standards in transparency, accountability and performance. 

Using 30% PCR glass

The amber glass bottles we use across our natural skincare collection are made from 30% PCR glass, "post-consumer recycled" content, meaning the glass is reclaimed from the end-user and then crushed, melted down and used again. There are some fantastic environmental benefits of using recycled glass:

- Uses less virgin materials. Using recycled glass means less virgin raw materials are extracted which eases the strain on our planet. 

- Saves energyMelting glass which has already been melted requires less energy than melting virgin raw materials.

- Lower CO2 emissions. Less energy is used when recycled glass is melted and so there is a reduction in carbon emissions compared to using virgin raw materials.

- Supports the circular economy. Glass is infinitely recyclable and, with PCR glass, you really can "close the loop".

These bottles really do tick all the boxes. From preserving the organic plant-based ingredients and being infinitely recyclable, to the enchanting glow they lend to a room when the light hits them around your home

Sourcing upcycled plant oils

Have you ever heard this and thought someone meant recycled instead? Think again. Formulating natural skincare with upcycled plant oils is both innovative and sustainable. Take our Ally Blemish Recovery Oil, formulated with upcycled hemp seed which is better for the planet - and your skin. Here's how it works:

- The hemp seeds are grown and harvested in the UK by hand.

- A proportion of these seeds are rejected as they don't meet the specification for food use.

- The nutrient-rich seeds are saved from going to waste and landfill by being cold-pressed into the oil we use. 

No new materials created; no existing resources wasted. The benefit? Our Ally Blemish Recovery Oil contains 52% more antioxidants to build your skin's resilience and natural defences to blemishes and hormonal acne.

We didn't stop there. We also use omega-rich upcycled raspberry seed oil in our Balancer Oil-to-milk Cleanser 

Upgrading to aluminium caps

Is metal really the new plastic? As far as sustainability is concerned, it is better than virgin plastic. Most people tend to recycle aluminium far more than they recycle plastic, and it is able to be recycled without degrading the quality of the material, much like our amber glass bottles, but sadly unlike plastic. 

The main downside to aluminium is that the initial creation of it is less environmentally-friendly than plastic as it requires more energy and man-power. But, when you use recycled aluminium? You save 95% of that energy. That’s why you'll find aluminium caps on our Body Oil and Balancer Oil-to-milk Cleanser. No single-use plastic here.

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