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Finalist! Next British Beauty Brand 2019

We're delighted to share the news that we've been chosen as Finalists for the Next British Beauty Brand! This is the story behind the award. It started two weeks ago when we had our first ever Dragons' Den style experience of pitching BY SARAH to four beauty industry leaders, including Millie Kendall MBE (CEO of the British Beauty Council). Sarah and I were both so excited for the opportunity and here we share all the behind the scenes action from this milestone in our brand journey. 

Shortlisted For The Award

By way of background, the Next British Beauty Brand award was launched this year as part of the first ever London Beauty Week. The initiative was led by the British Beauty Council with the aim of supporting one brand in the beauty sector that shows dynamism, transparency, sustainability and transparent credentials.

These values are at the heart of BY SARAH and so, with all of our passion for our sister-founded brand, we threw our hat into the ring and entered the award. Within a few days, we were totally delighted when an email pinged in our inbox saying we'd been shortlisted!

by sarah london sisters and founders

Pitching To Leading Industry Experts

It was then just a few days later that we arrived in Covent Garden on the sunniest of mornings and walked over the cobbled streets to 18 Floral Street to sign in for our pitch. The instructions we were given were these:

  • we had just 5 minutes to pitch our brand (would we remember to say everything we needed to?)
  • followed by 10 minutes of questions (what kind of questions would they ask?)
  • and there is a panel of four judges (would they be like the lovely Deborah Meaden from TV?)

With such a short amount of time to share everything from our personal story, to our organic, plant based ingredients, upfront labelling and Eco-Age Brandmark, Sarah and I had a challenge in front of us. I think this is where being sisters is so helpful - we know what the other one is going to say! 

When we were called to pitch, we walked down the stairs to where the judges were all sat waiting for us. We launched into the pitch and I felt so proud that we could share our brand with the esteemed panel of judges! They were all so friendly, engaged and interested in our brand that it was quite unlike the intense grilling that watching years of Dragons Den had conjured in my mind. Phew.

As we thanked the judges for their time and we went back up the stairs and into the bustling heart of Covent Garden, my over-riding feeling was one of joy. I was so joyful that we'd been given the opportunity to share BY SARAH with leading industry leaders and so grateful that I could do it standing shoulder to shoulder with Sarah. We then shared a video update with you all on social media!

By Sarah London Next British Beauty Brand Finalist

Chosen as Finalists for 2019

A few days after the pitch, we received the news that we'd been selected as Finalists! It is such a wonderful endorsement of the values that we have at BY SARAH and the more mindful approach to skincare that Sarah and I are passionate about sharing with you.

We then had a nerve-racking wait until the final email dropped into our inbox today. The judges loved BY SARAH; they were very impressed with how pure our brand and products truly are. Yay! However, another brand had been chosen as the winner. Oh. There was a pang of disappointment, but this was quickly superseded by an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and pride.

All is not lost. Far from it in fact... Since sharing the news of our progression through these awards with you all, we received so many heart-felt messages of support and best wishes. It was these messages that spurred us on and lifted our heads and hearts today.

There's so much more we have to share at BY SARAH - and we're delighted you're a part of our journey; you're the best cheerleaders we could ever ask for! Stay tuned for more behind the scenes updates here and on our Instagram @bysarahlondon.

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Written by: Lauren, Co-Founder, BY SARAH
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