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Your guide to after-sun care

Many of us will have reached for a bottle of after-sun when we’ve been enjoying the sunshine a little too much, and let’s be honest…the feeling of cooling after-sun on slightly redder skin than we would like is wonderful. But what is it about this calming lotion that gives the product a place in so many people’s beach bags? 

What is after-sun?

No SPF can provide 100% protection against the sun’s UV rays. That’s why it’s so important to use naturally moisturising and anti-inflammatory ingredients, like aloe vera, to soothe skin and replenish any moisture lost from exposure to UV rays. After-sun is targeted to quench your skin after time in the sun, however it shouldn’t be mistaken for reversing any sun damage already caused. In other words, after-sun shouldn’t be an after-thought!

Can I use it to treat sun-burn?

Prevention is always better than cure and whilst no treatments are able to instantly heal sun-burn, measures such as re-hydrating the skin as soon as possible can help to work with your body’s natural processes of repair.

By Sarah London Reviver Hydrating Mist

When should I use after-sun?

No matter how gloomy the weather may seem, the sun’s UV rays are constantly able to reach your skin all-year round. That’s why wearing SPF and having a replenishing hydration step, like our prebiotic Reviver Hydrating Mist, in your skincare routine should be in all of our daily routines. Not sure when to apply your SPF? That's the final step, after applying your Hero Facial Oil to clean, slightly damp skin in the morning. 

How can the Saviour Moisture Mask act as a natural after-sun?

Re-hydration is so important when you’ve spent time in the sun, especially for those with sensitive skin as this skin-type tends to have weakened barrier functions which can make it more susceptible to damage from UV radiation. So even if you don’t think you’ve been burnt or the sky is more grey than golden, applying a natural soothing treatment is key for skin sun safety.

Most commercially available after-sun products contain holy-grail ingredients such as aloe vera and cucumber. However, these tend to be in incredibly low doses and are often counteracted by the number of alcohols and fragrances also added in the formula. Alcohol is a big no-no when it comes to after-sun as it dries out the skin further, making any skin discomfort even worse. The same goes for added fragrances as these also tend to irritate the skin. 

That’s why it’s so important to use products formulated with no harsh ingredients, focussing instead on letting those super hydrators shine! It's also why you won't find any alcohol or fragrance in any of our natural skincare collection.

By Sarah London Saviour Moisture Mask

Our Saviour Moisture mask is formulated with naturally-derived hyaluronic acid and aloe leaf extract to instantly quench your skin after being in the sun. Aloe vera has been shown to stop inflammatory reactions within the body and is considered a traditional therapy for severe burns, whilst hyaluronic acid provides aid for ultimate rehydration of the skin barrier and acts as a postbiotic to support your skin’s precious microbiome. Apply once or twice a week to enjoy it's cooling and reparative properties. 

Looking to boost your skin’s hydration even more? Try our Reviver Hydrating Mist and Hero Facial Oil as part of our Summer Hydration Heroes bundle!


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