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Why there's crushed grapes in our Christmas wrapping

This year, we've re-imagined Christmas packaging. We asked ourselves the question: how can we be part of the solution of sending less waste to landfill, while still creating beautiful and high quality packaging? Searching for the answer led us on a journey of discovery where the unexpected hero of the story was grapes.

Announcing a UK skincare first, we have sourced paper that has been made from crushed grapes for our beautiful festive gift wrapping on our Gift Boxes.

We're giving new life to natural, organic by-products that would otherwise be sent to landfill. At a time of increasing awareness of the importance of caring for our planet, using these organic residues relieves pressure on forest resources too.

With no plastic bubble wrap or single-use plastic, you can enjoy a sustainable Christmas free from any excess packaging. And it's all thanks to grapes. Crushed grapes to be precise. Here's the grape journey, from the waste pile in the factory in Italy to under your Christmas tree at home.

 By Sarah London crushed grape paper

Saved from Landfill

The crushed grape paper is made using the residue from the industrial processing of crushed grapes (e.g. for wine and juicing). The organic grape residues are processed using hydroelectricity which is 100% green energy. You can see what the dried grape residue looks like before it's processed in the image above.


By Sarah London crushed grape paper process

Eco-friendly manufacturing

The grape paper is FSC certified and GMO free. It contains 40% post-consumer recycled waste and is produced with EKOenergy, resulting in a 20% reduction in its carbon footprint. The paper is produced and designed with care for the environment using an eco-friendly manufacturing process that is more advanced than standard recycling processes. You can see the crushed grape paper being processed above.


BY SARAH LONDON Crushed grape paper festive boxes

Reusable Gift Boxes

With their beautiful crushed grape paper sleeve, our Festive Gift Boxes can be used after the festive season as a new home for your BY SARAH favourites, jewellery or stationery. They're made with 77% recycled content and the paper covering is from sustainable forests. And they're fully recyclable with no plastic lining, make them the perfect partner for our exclusively-sourced crushed grape paper.

We hope you love our new packaging innovation and we'd love to see how you upcycle your gift boxes. You can share with us on social @bysarahlondon. 

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Written by: Lauren, Co-Founder, BY SARAH
BY SARAH LONDON - Blog - Lauren
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