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Behind the scenes: The making of Maven

The wait is finally over, and we are thrilled to present our very first moisturiser: introducing Maven Daily Moisturiser, your ultimate sensitive skin companion. We wanted to create a daily moisturiser that was as comforting, soothing and luxurious as putting a cashmere jumper on your skin. So that’s what we’ve done.

By Sarah Maven Daily Moisturiser

Why is it called Maven?

Simply put, because we are the experts in a moisturiser of this kind. For those who are prone to flare-ups, have relied on steroid or paraffin-based creams for extended periods, or are transitioning away from them, it's clear that most mainstream moisturisers on the market can be too harsh for your delicate skin barrier.

Stressed and sensitive skin demands a moisturiser that understands these unique challenges without causing further irritation or redness. And that's where Maven comes in.

Imagine a Venn diagram where one circle encompasses the active ingredients you'd typically find at a chemist (such as Bisabolol, or German chamomile). Another circle includes more mainstream components (like Vitamin C and Vitamin E), while the third embraces the exquisite world of plant oils and pro-aging antioxidants often found in high-end skincare (including Apricot and Squalane).

In the Maven Daily Moisturiser, we've harnessed the best of all three circles to create a moisturizer that transcends expectations. Your sensitive skin deserves nothing less.

How does it work?

There are so many incredible ingredients, it’s hard to call them all out. Let's take a look of some of the key actives.

Slow release Vitamin C not only helps to brighten skin, it also has excellent antioxidant properties that help to neutralise free radical damage. It also helps to maintain skin firmness in ageing skin, reduces dark spots and evens out skin tone and pigmentation. 

Vitamin E helps to boost the efficacy of Vitamin C as well as soothing, hydrating and protecting the skin barrier. In vivo studies have shown that a combination of stabilised Vitamin C and Vitamin E can decrease erythema by 50% and sunburn cells up to 75%.

Prebiotic inulin hydrates, supports your natural skin barrier and mircobiome, and helps reduce redness.

German chamomile (Bisabolol) reduces redness, jojoba beautifully balances and apricot kernel soothes whilst shea butter and mango seed butter nourish, replenish and deeply moisturise.

By Sarah Maven Daily Moisturiser

What are the benefits of using Maven?

There are many reasons why our new daily moisturiser is good for your skin, here's why we absolutely adore the Maven Daily Moisturiser:

  1. Gentle enough for daily use: Our Maven Daily Moisturiser is specially crafted to be gentle on your skin, making it suitable for everyday use, and even for the most sensitive, eczema and psoriasis-prone skin. It works its magic without causing irritation or disrupting your skin's natural balance.

  2. Instant hydration for radiant glow: Experience instant hydration that leaves your skin with a radiant, healthy glow. Maven Daily Moisturiser provides immediate relief to your skin, quenching its thirst for moisture.

  3. Lightweight moisturisation: It nourishes your skin without weighing it down. Maven Daily Moisturiser ensures that your facial oils are beautifully absorbed, leaving you with skin that feels balanced, refreshed, and revitalized.

In Maven Daily Moisturiser, we've combined all these extraordinary benefits and ingredients to provide your sensitive skin with a daily dose of comfort, rejuvenation, and luxury that it truly deserves. Your journey to radiant, fortified skin begins now.


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