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4 top tips for aeroplane skincare

Summer is finally here! And while it seems that the hot weather we had in June has abandoned us for the time being, you may be lucky enough to be jetting off on a holiday abroad in the coming weeks. We all know that flying, especially long-haul, can leave our skin feeling far from its best, so here we’ve compiled four of our top tips for aeroplane skincare so you feel comfortable, confident and glowing from the moment your holiday begins!

Don’t skip the SPF.

This is without doubt the most important step in caring for your skin when travelling. When we pack our factor 50, we tend to picture smoothing it on at the beach, not at the airport terminal before the plane has even taken off, especially if you’re setting off on a drizzly British morning, but in fact, if anything, this is when you need your SPF the most!

A 2019 study found that UV radiation exposure doubles at high altitudes which means that your skin is at more risk of sun damage on the aeroplane than it is on land. So, remember to apply your SPF before you travel. If possible, bring a travel-size bottle with you to reapply throughout the journey. This way, you’ll be extra-prepared for when you step off the plane and that lovely warm wave of sunshine rolls your way!


The air that circulates in the aeroplane cabin is much drier than the air at lower altitudes. This is what causes the feeling of a dry nose and mouth, and tight, dry skin after aeroplane travel. Make a conscious effort to sip water throughout your flight to keep your body hydrated and reduce these effects. And as for your skin, our Reviver Hydrating Mist as part of our 3 Step Essentials is the drink that it needs! Simply spray directly onto your face and neck right from your seat. Easy. This can be applied after a moisturiser to help lock in hydration, or it can be spritzed over the top of your make-up to quench the skin underneath.

Consider going make-up free.

Whether you like to keep it casual and comfortable at the airport or love wearing make-up to help you feel your best, you do you! However, make-up can exacerbate post-aeroplane skin dryness. If you don’t like the idea of going through the airport without your make-up on, that’s totally fine! For long-haul flights, consider removing it temporarily with a quick swipe of our Balancer Oil-to-milk Cleanser on the plane. This way, you can get comfortable and pass some of the flight time by applying your skincare and feel refreshed once you land. If you wish, you can always bring your cosmetic essentials with you on the plane in order to reapply before landing.


Need a boost?

To really help reinvigorate your skin post-flight, try our Bakuchiol Daily Recovery Booster. Bakuchiol functions like retinol in that it stimulates collagen production, which is what gives your skin its elasticity. As a naturally-derived ingredient, however, bakuchiol is gentler and won’t cause further irritation to dry and imbalanced skin post-flight. Apply a few drops at night-time as the final step in your skincare routine to restore bounce to your skin.

If dullness is your concern, try our Vitamin C + E Daily Radiance Booster to help contribute to your holiday glow. Our boosters are petite enough to fit in the palm of your hand and contain 10ml of our concentrated formula. So, if you’re only travelling with cabin luggage, or wish to apply during the flight, these are perfect for taking on board with you. No need to worry about how it will fit in your security-approved liquids bag!

However you’re spending your summer this year, we hope that you are able to relax, recharge and create beautiful memories. You deserve the best!


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