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How to get healthier hair

Become the victim of cutting yourself some ‘lockdown bangs’? Want to grow your hair out for an upcoming event? Let’s be honest, we’ve all dreamt of waking up with gorgeous long and thick hair. Whilst there’s no surefire way of growing Rapunzel’s hair overnight, the secret to getting healthier hair starts with strengthening; the healthier and stronger your hair, the quicker it should grow. And that’s where hair oiling comes in.

What is hair oiling?

Deeply embedded in South Asian culture, the process of hair oiling involves using oil on hair and massaging it into the scalp to increase moisture and shine, and potentially even prevent hair loss. It is also incredibly therapeutic and promotes a sense of calm thanks to the lovely head massage that’s involved. 

How can I try this myself?

The key to starting hair oiling for the first time is little and often. 1-2 times a week with only a few drops of oil is plenty to get you going. 

Before applying the oil, comb through your hair to detangle. Never comb through your hair after you’ve applied the oil as hair is more prone to breakage at this point.

Next, taking a few drops of the Hair Oil, start working into your scalp and ends, giving yourself a well-deserved head massage. Leave the treatment in your hair for at least 30 minutes, but overnight works best. When you’re ready to rinse, wash your hair using a natural shampoo, ensuring it’s sulphate-free, until all of the oil is rinsed away. Finish with 2 drops of the Hair Oil to act as a natural conditioner.

How long will it take to notice a difference?

You’ll notice an instant hit of moisture and smoothness after your first hair oiling experience. The real impact comes after consistent oiling throughout the changing seasons as our hair experiences different stressors from the sun, wind and environmental pollutants. 

Struggling with dry hair? We’ve created an Expert Guide that gives you the lowdown on the best treatments and expert tricks. 

What’s the science behind hair oiling?

Here’s where it starts to get really interesting. The process of massaging the oil into your scalp is not only going to benefit your hair, but potentially also a number of other physical and psychological benefits. Massaging increases oxygen supply to the brain and improves circulation which can help relieve ‘brain fog’ and increase hormone release to aid relaxation of the body.

Which oil is best?

Our Hair Oil contains certified-organic Argan Oil, renowned for its high antioxidant and vitamin E content, as well as certified-organic Sea Buckthorn Oil. This contains vitamins A and E which rejuvenate and renew cells to improve hair strength and elasticity.  Using an oil like ours that’s high-quality, organic, and cold-pressed is essential to starting hair oiling as you want to stay away from anything chemically-extracted or overly refined. These aren’t going to pack the punch that you want. Learn more about our commitment to only using the best ingredients here.

The best part about our Hair Oil? Every time you purchase a bottle, 10% of sales are donated to the Little Princess Trust, giving hair and hope to children with cancer. So you can grow your locks whilst benefiting others. We think that’s the ultimate win-win.


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