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How to achieve the ‘no-makeup’ look

What is a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look, and why is it the beauty trend of the moment? 

Trending all over our social media feeds, the #nomakeuplook is currently the go-to for celebrities and influencers wanting to give an off-duty model glow. From radiant skin to fluffy brows, the maze that is this makeup look can make for a confusing and difficult space to navigate. 

Whilst most celebrities are able to have professional makeup artists achieve this look for them, we are often left looking at the pile of makeup and skincare we own to figure this look out by ourselves. 

By Sarah London Reviver Hydrating Mist

For those of us that don’t wake up looking like a newborn cherub, or can afford to hire a makeup artist every day, we’ve curated a list of need-to-know tips and tricks used by the experts to achieve the ‘no-makeup’ makeup look (you can thank us later!) 

Here’s our 5 simple tips to achieving this look that will work for everyone, makeup expert or not.

1. Prep is the priority

To nail this look, you need a skincare routine that does the work. This is going to create the perfect foundation that you need to be able to build this look. For natural skincare that packs a punch in 5 minutes, try our 3-Step Essentials bundle, with our best-selling Balancer Oil-to-milk Cleanser, Reviver Hydrating Mist and Hero Facial Oil.

2. Go light on the base

Look for a sheer to light coverage foundation to keep your complexion looking natural and let your skin shine through. Got a stubborn spot that’s bringing your confidence down? Reach for a concealer for those touch-ups and set with a little powder. Looking for ways to beat the blemishes? Discover our Ally Blemish Recovery Oil with skin balancing and anti-inflammatory upcycled hemp seed oil.

By Sarah London Ally Blemish Recovery Oil

3. Glow, baby, glow

Adding a touch of highlighter to the high points of your face is the quickest way to add that natural radiance to your complexion. Bonus points if you’re able to mix in your highlighter with a face primer to give your skin a glow from within. Try using our Lip and Hand Balm as a natural highlighter to add a little extra glow to your cheekbones.

4. Easy on the eyes

We want to keep the focus on your radiant skin, which means keeping the eye makeup simple. Using brown mascara and eyeliner can really help to keep the eyes soft, whilst still making them pop.

5. Hydration, always

The phrase ‘start as you mean to go on’ really applies here. After taking the time to get your glow on, you want to ensure it lasts from morning to night. Make sure your skin is hydrated throughout the day for the ultimate dewy glow that never stops. Use our Hydrating Facial Mist over the top of any makeup for a boost whenever you need it, and end the night with our Saviour Moisture Mask to leave your skin feeling replenished. Learn more about our Hydrating Facial Mist and why it’s formulated with prebiotics.

And that’s it! 5 steps to getting glowy skin with minimal time and effort. Now go forth, and glow!


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