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The do's and don'ts of dry hair

Is your hair feeling dry, brittle and lacklustre? In need of an extra kick of swish and shine? We've got the lowdown on the best treatments for dry hair.

Whether your straw-like strands are due to too much sun (if only!), harsh shampoos or hormonal shifts, prepare for your dry mane to meet its match thanks to my expert tricks...

Why is my hair dry?

Tell-tale signs of dry hair are a coarse or rough texture, lack of shine and frequent breakage. You may also notice your scalp feels itchy. There are two key reasons your hair might be feeling dry – either your scalp isn't making sufficient oil, or your hair's cuticle isn't able to hold the moisture in.

Triggers for these include age, hormonal changes – like the menopause, birth control or hypothyroidism – and nutritional deficiencies.

Other big frazzle factors? Too much sun or wind exposure, swimming in chlorine or salty sea water, harsh hair colourants, chemical treatments, heat styling and haircare products containing drying sodium laurel sulphate (SLS).

Dry hair is also more prone to frizz in wet or humid conditions since our thirsty strands suck moisture from the air in a bid to quench themselves, causing them to puff up.

What can I do to treat dry hair?

To decide on the best hair treatment for your dry hair, you'll need to get to the bottom of what's causing it. If you're noticing other issues such as hair loss, fatigue or feeling colder than usual, it could indicate a hormonal problem that's best talked about with your GP.

Unless there is an underlying condition, upping your intake of superstar hair vitamins like iron, Vitamin D, folate, Vitamin B12 and selenium can also help.

But what about hair that's letting moisture escape too easily? This is usually due to a compromised cuticle, that's not sitting smooth and flat – protecting the fragile inner core from damage – as it should be.

The solution? Give that all-important hair cuticle plenty of serious TLC. In the same way our skincare blends nurture your skin's protective barrier, our By Sarah London Hair Oil rebuilds your hair's essential cuticle.

By Sarah London Hair Oil

While many deep-conditioning haircare products simply coat the hair in silicone for temporary shine, our special formulation uses plant-powered oils to repair the hair deep down. It means the effects are both immediate and long-lasting with the health of your hair visibly improving after each and every use.

The power players? Organic Argan Oil that increases hair's elasticity and restores shine, Sea Buckthorn oil that's brimming with rare omega-7 fatty acids – a key building block for healthy hair – and Vitamin E that protects against UV damage and neutralises the effect of free radicals.

Giving hair this hefty glug of moisture will also help to combat frizz, leaving it silky and more manageable.

Simply apply a few drops of your Hair Oil to towel-dried hair in place of conditioner. It also works as a styling product to tame flyaways and instantly give hair a gloss-over. Just pop a couple of drops into your palms and gently glide over dry hair as needed.

What should I avoid?

Hats and scarves are a no-brainer when it comes to protecting from aggressors like sea water or harsh weather. Similarly, soaking your locks in clean fresh water before swimming will prevent it from absorbing too much chlorine.

But there are other sneaky dry hair culprits, too. Many shampoos contain sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) – a foaming ingredient that can strip both strands and scalp from important moisture. Cut down on daily hair washing, press – don't rub – your hair dry with a towel and swap your ordinary cotton pillow case for a silk design that will help protect your cuticle from breakage while you slumber.

Heat styling is another big baddie that can give your cuticle a beating, leading to dry brittle hair. For a veil of protection, pop on a few drops of our By Sarah London Hair Oil first, even before blowdrying.

One-stop elixir for smooth, shiny locks? At your service!


Written by: Sarah, Co-Founder, By Sarah London

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