The antidote to Blue Monday

Blue Monday is known as a pretty bleak day in the year - and one we'd rather move swiftly past. I've shared 5 top tips of how you can embrace a more mindful approach to living this month, and beat the January blues. I hope it'll inspire a truly adventurous and magical 2020 for you!

By Sarah London Organic Facial Oil  

TIP // 1. Slow down and enjoy the time to care for your skin at the start and end of each day. Applying the Organic Facial Oil is a form of meditation for me. And by gently massaging into your skin, you too can connect with your own sense of well-being and the beautiful organic, plant-based ingredients. Watch my latest IGTV video to see how to care for your skin.


By Sarah London Organic Lip Balm


TIP // 2. Marie Kondo is the name to know if you're looking for ways to create both more physical and emotional space. She's taught us to only keep things that "spark joy". A radically simple concept - that works. 

Set your intention and free yourself from excess products that don't align with your values; making positive choices which support your goals this year.

Find your inner Marie Kondo by keeping the Organic Lip Balm on your bedside table or upcycling the Organic Body Oil amber glass bottle as a single stem vase to brighten a corner of your desk.


By Sarah London The Breath Guy

TIP // 3. Finding a way to help me feel centred and calm, particularly towards the end of the week (when my to-do list is ever-growing!), led me to breathwork. It was in joining a breathwork class with the brilliant Richie Bostock that I discovered the transformative ways it can instantly change your energy.

He shared a really helpful technique we can all practice each day, known as Box Breathing, originally developed by Japanese Zen Masters. Through a simple sequence of breathing exercises, it relaxes your nervous system and quiets busy thoughts. Read more about the wonders of breathwork in my interview with Richie


By Sarah London Sarah Founder

TIP // 4. Spending time in nature truly helps to restore both the body and mind. And in Japan they even have a special phrase for this: shinrin-yoku which means “forest bathing”, immersing yourself in nature for your wellbeing.

If your home or office is near a park, take a short walk and feel your stress hormones subside and your immune system boosted as you experience the scientifically-proven and calming benefits of being in nature.

And keep the feeling going by bringing nature inside: try adding a vibrant houseplant to brighten your windowsill, or enjoying the deeply aromatic scent of the organic matcha green tea in our Green Clay Face Mask as part of your weekly skincare ritual.

By Sarah London Organic Facial Oil

TIP // 5. For me, the purpose of an evening ritual is to give a gentle reminder to the mind and body to slow down before going to bed. I start by leaving my phone outside my bedroom to avoid distractions before enjoying the evening skincare ritual I can't be without.

Start by cleansing your skin with our Green Clay Cleansing Balm, removing with the Organic Muslin Cloth and then finishing with a few drops of the Organic Facial Oil. Super simple - and effective.

Which means there's time to enjoy a few extra moments to gently massage the facial oil into your skin, boosting circulation and easing away any tension and stresses.

It's a moment of mindfulness for me and find I always sleep so well afterwards. I hope you do too!


Written by: Sarah, Co-Founder, BY SARAH

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