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Your guide to prebiotics in skincare

We always look for the most innovative natural ingredients we can find that support a healthy skin barrier. The more we learned about prebiotics, the more we knew we had to bring them into the By Sarah range.

When integrated into your skincare routine, prebiotics offer a host of benefits that can contribute to healthier, more vibrant skin. They work in harmony with your skin's natural microbiome to achieve numerous skincare goals. Let's delve into what prebiotics are and how they can work wonders for your skin.

By Sarah Reviver Hydrating Mist

What are prebiotics?

A skincare prebiotic is a specialized cosmetic ingredient designed to nourish and support the beneficial microorganisms that naturally inhabit your skin. Just as prebiotics in your diet promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, skincare prebiotics work to enhance the balance and diversity of the microbiome living on your skin's surface. These microorganisms play a crucial role in maintaining skin health and appearance.

They working by serving as a source of food for the beneficial bacteria on your skin. By providing these microorganisms with the nutrients they need, prebiotics help create an environment where good bacteria can thrive, thereby strengthening the skin's natural defenses. 

What are the skin benefits of prebiotics?

We've pored over the science and chosen to formulate with prebiotics for their fantastic skin benefits, found in our Maven Daily Moisturiser, Balancer Cream Cleanser and Reviver Hydrating Mist. Let's dig deeper into the skin benefits.

1. Promotes skin microbiome balance: Prebiotics act as nourishment for the beneficial microorganisms living on your skin. By promoting a balanced and diverse microbiome, prebiotics help create an environment where the skin's natural defenses can thrive, ultimately leading to healthier, more resilient skin. We use Prebiotic Inulin which is shown to deliver a 25x increase in the diversity of skin flora after 4 hours, replenishing the skin biome and reducing itchy, red atopic skin concerns.

2. Supports skin barrier function: A strong and intact skin barrier is essential for keeping harmful external factors at bay and locking in moisture. Prebiotics aid in reinforcing this barrier by supporting the production of ceramides and other vital components that maintain skin integrity.

3. Reduces skin sensitivity: Prebiotics can soothe and calm sensitive or irritated skin. By fostering a balanced microbiome, they reduce inflammation and help alleviate skin conditions such as redness and itchiness.

4. Enhances hydration: Maintaining optimal skin hydration is crucial for a radiant complexion. Prebiotics assist in retaining moisture, ensuring your skin remains plump and supple. This added hydration can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Boosts natural defenses: Prebiotics contribute to the skin's innate defense mechanisms, enabling it to better ward off environmental stressors and free radicals. This, in turn, helps to minimize the risk of premature aging.

6. Evens skin tone: Some prebiotics have the ability to brighten the skin and fade dark spots. They can assist in reducing the appearance of pigmentation irregularities, leaving your skin with a more even and luminous complexion.

7. Supports overall skin health: Prebiotics nourish the skin cells, providing essential nutrients and minerals. As a result, your skin maintains a state of optimal health, which is vital for a glowing and vibrant appearance.

By Sarah Balancer Cream Cleanser

How to use prebiotics in my skincare routine?

Adding prebiotics to your skincare routine is easy and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing routine. Look for products that contain prebiotic-rich ingredients, such as in the Prebiotic Inulin in our Balancer Cream Cleanser, Reviver Hydrating Mist and Maven Daily Moisturiser. These three products can be used daily to cleanse, hydrate and moisturise even the most sensitive skin - enriched with prebiotics to promote overall skin health and support a radiant, healthy complexion.


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