How To Use a Cleansing Balm

Achieve Clean and Healthy Skin with our Green Clay Cleansing Balm

Healthy, glowing skin starts with a great cleanser. And by great I mean one that gently cleans your skin, without leaving it parched and dry - which many mainstream, alcohol-based cleansers do.

Using a cleanser that is blended with organic, plant-based ingredients is the best way to gently but effectively cleanse your skin.

BY SARAH LONDON - Green Clay Cleansing Balm

Our Green Clay Cleansing Balm: 84% organic, 100% natural and certified cruelty free

Our Green Clay Cleansing Balm is hand-blended with four beautiful ingredients: organic apricot oil (provides long-lasting nourishment), organic virgin coconut oil (anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial), french green clay (draws out impurities) and organic beeswax (promotes healthy new skin cells). We believe that less, but using the very best, really is more: the balm is 84% organic, 100% natural and free from any hidden, artificial or synthetic ingredients, including essential oils and fragrance (which can be skin irritants).

BY SARAH LONDON - Blog - thefashionablepan

@thefashionablepan's skin is now "much smoother and softer" after using the Green Clay Cleansing Balm (#NotAnAd)

To enjoy this beautiful balm morning and night and see the best results, follow these two easy steps:

STEP (1) Apply a small amount to dry skin - directly over makeup, including mascara - and massage into your face and neck using small, upward circular movements. The balm will dissolve beautifully, allowing you to enhance your daily self-care ritual; take an extra minute to massage at the end of the day to enjoy the velvety soft balm as it whisks away makeup, impurities and dead skin cells.

STEP (2) To remove, dampen our Organic Muslin Facial Cloth in warm water and gently wipe over face and neck, taking extra care around the delicate eye area. We recommend using a muslin cloth because the woven cotton fabric most effectively removes the balm and gently buffs and exfoliates your skin too. You can add the Organic Muslin Facial Cloth to your weekly laundry or buy a pack of three for extra convenience (and you're not sending single-use cotton pads to landfill - bonus!)

BY SARAH LONDON - Blog - Venetia Falconer

Venetia Falconer's skin has "completely cleared up" (#NotAnAd)

The Green Clay Cleansing Balm cleanses, exfoliates and moisturises all in one, which allows your moisturising product to then most effectively hydrate and nourish your skin. So, to finish, pat your skin with cold water to close pores and apply the BY SARAH Organic Facial Oil and you're good to go, empowered with the knowledge that you know exactly what you're giving your skin!

You'll see and feel how incredibly clean, soft and buffed your skin feels and you'll soon wonder how on earth you went so long without it - I did, before Sarah created it!

Written by: Lauren, COO, BY SARAH

BY SARAH LONDON - Blog - Lauren

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