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Love Letter to Planet Earth this Valentine's Day

Share your love for the Planet this Valentine's Day

The Earth is beautiful, awe-inspiring and ever-changing. This Valentine's Day we're inviting you to share your love for this beautiful place we all call home. 

There's a lot of pressure on this day to show your love for that special someone in your life by making purchases that are often fleeting, disposable and don't enrich your life or our Planet.

Take this day as an opportunity to do something different: stop, reflect and share. I've shared some of my favourite things about Planet Earth and would love to see how you're showing your gratitude for our one true love this Valentine's Day.

BY SARAH LONDON - Love Letter to Planet Earth
One teaspoon of soil contains more species than there are people on the planet

The Earth is home to many creatures large and small and some of our most important species are those we can't even see: microbes living in the soil. Soil is not dirt. Far from it, it's teeming with life from earthworms aerating the soil to mycorrhizal fungi providing nutrients to plant roots. You may have heard on Our First Podcast Interview that I really like soil! It's one of our most overlooked and underrated resources, but this Valentine's Day I will be saying a big thank you to Planet Earth's humblest resources: soil.

BY SARAH LONDON - Love Letter to Planet Earth land

And you can too by supporting locally-grown and certified-organic produce. We need to support our farming communities as they play a vital role in maintaining the health of our soil when using regenerative techniques that are promoted through organic farming methods, where synthetic pesticides, artificial chemical fertilisers, herbicides and GM crops are prohibited.

And take note: according to The Soil Association, organic farms have ~20% more organic matter in the soil. Organic matter is a key component for healthy soils, so the more the merrier. Be curious and check the labels to see where your food comes from or, if you have a farmers' market near you, ask the farmer!

BY SARAH LONDON - Organic Facial Oil

Feed your skin with plant based ingredients from the Earth's rich soil

When using your Organic Facial Oil this Valentine's Day, you're giving your skin the gift of beautiful certified-organic, plant based ingredients. There are only 6 ingredients in the oil and each one has been chosen to perform a specific function for your skin: for example, the organic almond oil is high in vitamin E, protecting your skin cells from environmental pollutants, and the organic pumpkin seed oil boosts collagen production and is an excellent anti-inflammatory.

BY SARAH LONDON Organic Facial Oil

Using only what nature has gifted us and providing a full ingredient list on the front label of the bottle is our way of showing gratitude for the organic ingredients we use - absolutely nothing hidden, synthetic or artificial.

And this is what Planet Earth needs: our love and kindness (and less landfill!) So once you've finished with the Organic Facial Oil, you can upycle the amber glass bottle and use it as a single stem vase for a cheerful bloom to brighten up your window ledge or surprise a loved one with their favourite flower this Valentine's Day. 

If this has inspired you to share what you're grateful for this Valentine's Day, create your own Love Letter and share with us on Instagram @bysarahlondon


Written by: Lauren, COO, BY SARAH

BY SARAH LONDON - Blog - Lauren

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