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How to use Vitamin C like a pro

Quickly becoming one of the most hailed skincare ingredients of the century, vitamin C is everywhere, including in our newest launch: Vitamin C+E Daily Radiance Booster. So what makes this vitamin such a cult favourite, and why should you start to include it in your daily routine?

Why do we need Vitamin C?

Humans are unable to synthesise L-ascorbic acid (also known as vitamin C) by ourselves as we lack a crucial enzyme that is required to make it. That’s why it’s so important to eat fruits and vegetables to ensure we’re supplementing our daily dose of vitamin C via our diet. 

So if we can just eat vitamin C, why do we need it in our skincare?

Our bodies have a very strict priorities list when it comes to first dibs on nutrients, especially ones that we rely on external sources for. This means that whilst we may wish for beautiful skin, our body is going to send nutrients to our vital organs first. And at the bottom of the list? Our skin. This means that very little of the vitamin C consumed in our diet actually makes it to our skin, hence the need for topical formulations instead. 

How do I use vitamin C?

This all depends on the sensitivity of your skin. Whilst some people are able to use the potent L-ascorbic acid directly on their skin, many of us will require a derivative instead to prevent the drying and irritating side effects. 

We will always recommend using the gentlest formulations on your skin, to protect it and keep your microbiome balanced. That’s why we formulated our Vitamin C+E Daily Radiance Booster with a derivative of vitamin C that packs a punch but without inflammation and peeling. Just use 2-3 drops in the morning after completing your 3 Step Essentials routine.

Still worried about triggering inflammation? Start slow. Whilst we only formulate with ingredients suitable for sensitive skin, we understand that taking the plunge can be daunting if you’ve only just managed to get a hold on your skin. Try gently introducing your skin to actives such as vitamin C, using them a few times a week and gradually building up until you’re able to use it every morning. 

What’s the science behind the different types of vitamin C?

It all comes down to pH aka how acidic your skin and the product is. L-ascorbic acid must be formulated at very low pH to allow it to be stable in water, meaning it’s very acidic. By doing so you get the best stability of the product, but also weaken your skin barrier. And if you’ve spent a long time trying to repair this from acne, or just general sensitivity, putting this on your face is the last thing you want to be doing.

What benefits will I see in my skin?

When it comes to vitamin C, the list of benefits is (almost) endless. That’s why we love it so much. Here’s just a handful of the benefits that have been identified when vitamin C is used regularly:

  • Protects against environmental stressors, such as free radicals
  • Prevents accelerated ageing of skin
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Revives skin’s plumpness and elasticity
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Brightens complexions

Fancy trying out the white knight of skin care for yourself? Shop our Vitamin C+E Daily Radiance Booster now.


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