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The best makeup to use after chemotherapy

Makeup, skincare and beauty products might seem frivolous when you're undergoing chemotherapy for cancer but these little lifts shouldn't be underestimated. Forming part of your post-treatment toolkit, they can help bring normality, routine and most importantly, joy, to some of the darkest days.

During our co-founder, Lauren's treatment for leukaemia, a simple beauty routine – consisting of a few easy makeup tricks and her sister Sarah's skin-soothing skincare – helped her look and feel like 'me' again, working wonders for her mindset.

So, what are the best makeup tricks to have in your arsenal? From faking a full flutter, after losing your eyelashes and eyebrow hairs, to making dull post-chemo skin glow, ethical makeup artist and author of Sustainable Beauty, Justine Jenkins shares all.

How to create lashes after chemo

"To give the impression of a thicker lash line and put definition back into your eyes, trace an eyeliner along your inner top water line. Do it after you've applied it to your upper lash line to avoid smudging. Simply look down into a mirror so your water line is exposed and gently run your pencil along. To make application more comfortable, make sure the tip of your pencil isn’t too sharp," explains Justine who's worked with Fearne Cotton, Jessie Ware and actress Vicky McClure.

How to create brow hairs after chemo

"If the hairs on your brows become sparse, you can create very realistic effects with the right products, tools and technique.

Choose micro brow pencils that create the finest lines to mimic brow hairs. Then map out your brows using your nose as a guide.

Hold a pencil from the side of the nose up to where your brow is. That’s where your brows should start and be at their thickest. Angle the pencil from the side of the nose to the corner of the eye and beyond. That’s where your brow should end and taper to a point. And to find the best place for your arch? Angle the pencil from your nostril to your pupil, placing the arch just beyond.

Use a light, feathery touch to draw on the hairs then brush through with a spoolie brush to diffuse the lines for a natural look," recommends Justine.

How to create radiant skin after chemo

"I love using By Sarah Hero Facial Oil to amp up radiance. It works as a dewy base under foundation – simply add a loose powder around your nose, forehead and chin to take down excess shine. You can also mix a drop directly with your foundation for an extra plump juicy finish," says Justine.

By Sarah Hero Facial Oil

Still have questions? Feel free to drop us an email at care@bysarahlondon.com and we'll be happy to help.


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