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Skin Meditation with Jasmin Harsono

by sarah london interview with jasmin harsono

Experience a Guided Skin Meditation with Jasmin 

  • Created especially for Mental Health Awareness Week and World Meditation Day on 21 May 2019, this mirror meditation and visualisation has been created to empower you!
  • Start by sitting in an upright position in front of the mirror or, if using before sleep, place your headphones on whilst comfortably laying down.
  • Try this meditation for 21 days consecutively and keep a note of feelings, emotions and thoughts that arise. 
  • Enjoy alongside your BY SARAH skincare each day.
  • Click here to download Skin Meditation

BY SARAH LONDON skin meditation

Get to know Jasmin...

What sparked your interest in reiki and meditation?

I discovered meditation at a young age after going through a traumatic life experience. It stayed with me throughout the years in various forms. Reiki came into my life when I was on a deep self-healing journey and now feels like it has always been with me.

Why are these practices important to you?

I love practising Reiki and meditation and I think that the most important thing is to love whatever you do. Through Reiki and meditation, I have been able to discover my true self and identify my passions and purpose. Every day I feel more comfortable with who I am and that is a great feeling. Both have supported me through the darkest days and the brightest too. I deeply value how both have helped me to create deep transformation in my life, and those that are in my life.

What's your best advice for experiencing one of your classes for the first time?

My private sessions and group classes are for everyone. Every experience with energy and sound is unique so the best advice I can give is not to judge yourself, to be open to receiving healing and trust that the energy of Reiki and sound universal energy flows where it needs to.

I am the facilitator there to support and guide you through a relaxing experience and allow space for you to receive, listen and heal inside and out. You are always welcomed with a warm smile. If you have any questions you can contact me by email or via a call.

What is your favourite reiki or sound bath technique?

From an early age, I sang and wrote songs, I had my own band and loved to sing and share my voice with others. Sound is so incredibly healing. I share private and group sessions and use intuitive healing voice and have found this the most profound healing experience for myself and clients. 

After a session of receiving energy and sound healing using the voice brings all of this energy together in such a natural form that everyone truly resonates with a sense of oneness that lifts any stagnant energy that remains at that time and place.

by sarah london best organic facial oil

What's your favourite BY SARAH skincare to enjoy at home?

I have recently started using By Sarah Organic Facial Oil. I have had a difficult relationship with my skin since I was a teenager. The oil is beautiful and leaves me with a wonderful glow.

I have been a big fan of "mirror work" by Louise Hay for many years and whilst I massage in the oil I repeat affirmations sending love to my skin.

    by sarah london and emerald tiger

    What's your top tip for finding more ways to be mindful and empowered each day?

    As long as we can breathe, we have a natural aid and tool to support us. The breath guides us to live mindfully and feel empowered. Start with a simple three-minute exercise in the morning, afternoon and evening to connect and be aware of your breath:

    • Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth and begin by noticing the sensations of your breath
    • Does your breath feel shallow or deep? Does the air feel cold or warm
    • Tune into what you are experiencing as you breathe
    • Give yourself space here
    • If the mind wonders come back to your breath, breathing in and breathing out
    • Say the words 'breathing in' and 'breathing out' to support you.

    When you are a ready place both hands around three inches below your belly button on an energy centre in Reiki that is called the HARA. This energy centre deeply roots us into Earth energy, where we can feel grounded into our bodies. We focus here on breathing in our innate power and wisdom that is within us all.

    Breathe deeply in and repeat the following affirmation "I am empowered" out loud or silently

    Your breath should be equal on the in and out breaths. Each day add on a minute until you build it up to approximately ten minutes. Take time to be completely present with your breath. If the mind wonders just come back to your breath, focus on where you breathing into and the affirmation you are repeating.

    This exercise begins with mindful breathing, connecting you to your breath. Then we add a layer as you ground your mind and body into repeating an affirmation to enhance and shift your energy and vibration.

    I would recommend journaling your breathing journey to keep yourself accountable. After 21 days you will feel more connected to this mindful practice.

    Are there any mantras that guide you or have provided support in challenging times?

    I love 'I am' affirmations, these simple mindful reminders help to tune back in very quickly to a higher vibrational state of being. Examples of affirmations I use:

    I am enough

    I am love

    I am connected

    I am empowered

    I am supported

    How do you balance teaching and workshops in your busy schedule with your well-being?

    To be honest there isn't always a balance. I am aware when I am feeling out of balance so even with less time I will incorporate wellbeing in where I can, whether that is when I am taking a shower or travelling on the train, I will send myself healing, breath and meditate. I usually wake up earlier to add wellbeing into my day.

    I like to pencil dates off throughout the year where I will book onto a course, or spend time in nature, socialise and be with my dear family and friends. It is important to fill our cups.

      What does the rest of 2019 have in store? And where can we take one of your classes!

      There are lots of events to choose from that run throughout the year. Our website is currently being updated, but you'll find all our information here. I offer private healing sessions at the beautiful Gazelli House in South Kensington each Tuesday. Catch me regularly and find your calm at Re:Mind Studios in Belgravia Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

      Follow Jasmin on Instagram @emeraldandtiger.


      Interview by: Sarah, Founder, BY SARAH

      All content © BY SARAH LONDON. All rights reserved. You may not copy or reproduce any of the content on this website without the permission of BY SARAH LONDON. Any infringement is a breach of copyright. Images of Jasmin from @emeraldandtiger on Instagram.

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