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Q&A with Richie Norton aka The Strength Temple

richie norton by sarah london interview

What sparked your interest in health, fitness and wellness?

I played rugby from a young age and eventually it took its toll on me physically and mentally. My career ended too early at 26 and I felt I had more to offer than that so I took it upon myself to learn more about how my body works and rebuild. As soon as I started to take more care with the food I ate, training smarter and prioritising a better lifestyle, my whole world transformed and that took me down the path I'm on now as a coach and practitioner.

Why is this lifestyle important to you?

It's a bit of a cliche, but life is a balance. I love to have fun, go on adventures, I work hard and passionately at my work, I juggle lots of travel, train regularly but also have a variety of other stressors that can take their toll on day to day living. If I don't maintain a balanced lifestyle that provides some calm and recovery (mentally and physically) I'm not going to be at my best, which leaves us performing sub-optimally.

What's your best advice when experiencing one of your classes for the first time?

My classes and workshops are for everyone. No matter if you're a beginner or advanced, its about building a community where you can feel safe, with no judgement, to be whoever you want to be with me guiding you along the way. Come open minded and with no expectations, I've got you :)

What did you do before you launched The Strength Temple?

I was a rugby player for most of my younger years. Then after retiring, I played with the idea of a property business, recruitment and events management. Then after feeling pretty exhausted in an industry that was taking my soul, I made the jump to Sydney where I went back to college to train as a coach, learn how to surf and teach capoeira (martial art that combines dance, acrobatics and music). When I moved back to the UK, this is when The Strength Temple was born.

How do you balance teaching and a busy schedule with your own well-being?

I practice with my students and clients all the time but I'm very aware this giving so much can also take a lot of our energy. I'll take regular breaks in my day and each month to be closer to nature, go deeper into a breathwork practice and rest. Even just a few minutes a day can boost productivity and lift your vibes.

What's your favourite By Sarah product to enjoy at home?

My Organic Facial Oil 'richual' every morning and night is the game changer that I live by now.

By Sarah London Organic Facial Oil

What does the rest of 2019 have in store?

Too many exciting adventures to list but I can say more time out to work with schools and community groups to help fight this battle with mental health is at the top of my list. I'll be launching an online coaching network to support new trainers and help others overcome obstacles in building their best life and having lots more fun.

You can follow Richie @thestrengthtemple and take a look at his website.

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Interview by: Sarah, Founder, BY SARAH

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