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Skincare for Oily Skin

Acne, persistent spots and blemishes, and dehydration are all signs of an oily skin type. Read on to discover how to rebalance oily prone skin.

Sarah Murrell co-founder

From acne treatments to glycolic exfoliators and retinol-loaded creams, we're forever being told the best way to treat spots is with products containing countless harsh actives. But did you know many of these blemish-fighting products could be doing your skin more harm than good? Often they strip the skin, attack the protective barrier and mess with the skin's delicate microbiome resulting in a vicious circle of redness, sensitivity, dehydration and, yep you guessed it, further breakouts. Read on to discover the best skincare for oily skin.

Sarah, Co-founder

What causes oily skin?

Oily skin types tend to be genetically predisposed or may struggle with persistent breakouts and blemishes as a result of hormonal fluctuations, diet, stress and improper skincare. Over-use of stringent cleansers or exfoliators, for example, can disrupt the skin's delicate biome and alter barrier function. While high glycemic diets and processed foods can contribute to oily skin.

How to reduce oily skin?

Look for rebalancing, hydrating and nourishing natural skincare formulas. Ingredients like prebiotic inulin help to repopulate healthy skin flora and strengthen skin barrier function, while healing aloe vera replenishes lost moisture in typically dehydrated oily skin types. One clinical study found that using aloe vera gel in combination with tretinoin (a potent prescription acne medication) was more effective at treating certain types of acne than using the tretinoin alone.

Consider diet and lifestyle choices too, minimising processed, sugary foods, reducing stress and staying well hydrated during the day to support liver detoxification, by drinking 2 litres of water daily.

What skincare can oily skin use?

A daily face wash for oily skin is a vital step in your skincare routine. Look for an oily skin face cleanser that replenishes lost moisture and effectively removes daily dirt and grime, such as our Balancer Cream Cleanser. To help minimise pathogenic bacteria from repopulating, add a prebiotic hydrating facial mist to your skincare routine after cleansing that will improve hydration levels, strengthening and restoring the skin barrier. Our Reviver Hydrating Mist is an aloe-based, prebiotic formula with cranberry that helps to dissolve and digest the dry cells found on the skin’s surface, leaving skin looking fresh and revitalised. Complete your daily skincare routine with a moisturiser suitable for oily skin and a rebalancing facial oil, such as Maven Daily Moisturiser and Ally Recovery Facial Oil, with hydrating actives, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, to provide deep, long-lasting hydration, for a complexion that is calm, comfortable and radiant.

You can take comfort knowing that our By Sarah skincare range is Dermatologically Tested, suitable for sensitive skin and formulated without any ingredients known to cause irritation; free from all fragrance and essential oils.

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