We are so lucky to have such a wonderful community of Ambassadors who passionately share our values and love the collection! Here you'll meet some of our devoted By Sarah London Ambassadors where you'll discover their skincare stories and what it means to them to be an Ambassador.

"For years I had been using chemically-laden, foamy cleansers to remove make-up every night. My eyes would sting, and my skin would feel very dried out, hence me over-applying generous amounts of moisturiser afterwards. 

I discovered By Sarah London a few years ago, and initially tried their facial oil. Since purchasing the oil, I have gone on to invest in the entire collection! The Cleansing Oil is my favourite product as it offers a gentle way to remove make-up, even the most stubborn eye cosmetics (which is my daily look!). 

I look forward to the ritual of winding down the day when carrying out my skincare rituals every night and my skin never feels dry after using this oil. I feel like I’m feeding it with the best ingredients to hydrate & nourish it. My skin always appears brighter afterwards, and I finish by spritzing the Hydrating Mist & applying a few drops of the Facial Oil before going to bed.

Thank you to Sarah & Lauren for creating a 100% plant based alternative to skincare, ensuring we are taking care of our planet as well as our skin!"

"I love By Sarah London for many reasons. Firstly, the story behind the brand is truly remarkable. The brand was built out of sisterly love by Sarah who was determined to find a way to help Lauren whilst she was undergoing treatment for Leukaemia.

Sarah and Lauren have created a brand that truly care about their customers and their customer service is amazing. They are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and provide recommendations. It is a brand I truly trust and Sarah and Lauren have a real passion for what they do.

The products are made with love and that really shines through. It is hard to choose just one favourite product, but I love the Blemish Recovery Oil which leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished without any oily residue. It is a beautiful product.

Personally, By Sarah London is one of my favourite brands and I love everything about it. Thank you Sarah and Lauren for creating such an incredible brand with such beautiful products and such genuine caring founders."

"Love my favourite face oil, I have been using it for about 3 years, and would never change."

"I love By Sarah London because it is a sister-owned business with a mission: products with visibility. As someone with a long term illness who is prone to reactions, I just love that all ingredients are on the label and that they are pure.

The oils are just the best, I love the richness of the body oil, which really helps with my skin dryness. It is by far the best products with the loveliest team. Such an inspiring duo, could not be more proud to be an Ambassador!"

"From the moment I discovered By Sarah London, it was clear to me that the defining quality of the business is love. Sisterly love between Sarah and Lauren, love for their customers and love for the planet.

Each of the products are formulated for even the most sensitive of skin, which is something I discovered for myself whilst suffering with inflamed acne. Sarah offered a free consultation to find the right products to help my skin- the hemp infused blemish recovery oil has become my holy grail since then."

"I love the By Sarah London’s ethos and quality of products. I’ve tried them all! This oil doesn’t make you oily - how wonderful! Your skin feels like it’s glowing from the inside out!"

"When I was four years old I had cancer in one kidney which meant I needed radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment. At fifty years old, I truly value taking care of myself and choosing products which care for people and planet. The amazing sisters, Sarah and Lauren, have created a different way to look after ourselves. Every morning and evening, enjoying my By Sarah London skincare is a ritual for me and one I hope to carry on with for many years to come. They have sown a great seed in our chaotic world. Thank you very much."