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Hello! We are delighted to welcome you to By Sarah and the start of your 3 Day Skincare Reset. We do things a little differently around here and it's all come from how we created By Sarah in the first place. Our approach to skincare is like no other and it's probably what you've been searching for high and low for a really long time.
In this 3 Day Skincare Reset, we'll show you how to strip your skincare routine back, how to create an easy morning routine and how to enjoy your evening skincare routine by deeply cleansing and restoring your skin to improve its health and natural radiance, plus some bonus tips along the way. Let's jump right into Day 1.


Day 1 | What's in your bathroom cupboard?

We'll begin where you are today, and this means starting with a bathroom audit. Take out all the skincare products from your bathroom cupboard, yep even the ones at the back. Those that have been at the back of the cupboard for more time than you'd like to admit can be disposed of or recycled. Those that have triggered reactions, sensitivities or breakouts can also be set aside. That may have whittled out the majority, if not all, of the products like bowling skittles. For any that remain, look closely and ask yourself why you chose them and what benefits they provide. Really scrutinize the ingredient list. What are the ingredients? Where are they from? How do they work?
The exercise above may not be something you've done before or for a very long time, so be kind to yourself and have compassion if you start to feel overwhelmed or unsure of what you should be using on your skin. We're here to guide you on your By Sarah journey - and we know what it feels like to be trying to make the best choices, but don't quite know where to begin.
We first created organic, plant based skincare blends to soothe and restore Lauren's dry, irritated and sensitive skin when she was recovering from leukaemia. 
For us, skincare is like food. It should be nourishing, easy to understand, wholesome and provide health benefits over the long term. That's why we only use plant based and natural ingredients - and no essential oils or fragrance to overwhelm or irritate the skin. No water, fillers or any unnecessary ingredients.  

This might be a totally new idea, or something you've thought should be the case with the skincare that you use everyday and choose to have in your bathroom to support and care for your skin. Either way, you've now completed Day 1 in clearing, de-cluttering and cleansing your bathroom of the products that no longer serve you, making room for those that have been hand-blended just for you. With this awareness, let us keep moving forward, into Day 2.

Key Takeaway: What are the products currently holding you back from enjoying your best skin? Clear and de-clutter what's no longer working to make space for skincare that nurtures your skin.


Day 2 | Your easy morning skincare 

Welcome to Day 2 and the start of curating a morning skincare routine that you'll love. We believe skincare should be an enjoyable ritual, not a daily chore with a 10-step plan. And the best way to achieve this is through a simple core skincare routine that you use every day, and can build on if you would like to. Less really is more.
Today is all about creating the best morning skincare routine for you. The morning might be your favourite time of the day or when you're most time poor, with only a few minutes to yourself before the dog needs to go out, the kids need to go to school and you need to get to work.
Your morning skin care can be very effective with the right products used in just a few minutes, provided you have a robust evening skincare routine (see Day 3 below). There are two key steps to follow to ensure your skin is clean and nourished, ready for the day ahead:
  • Before the morning to-do list, take a moment for you and cleanse and awaken your skin with the Raspberry Seed Cleansing Oil. This fruity oil has high levels of essential fatty acids, particularly omega 3 and omega 6 to promote the skin's health and appearance. The olive squalane in the blend absorbs easily in the lipidic layers of the skin and helps prevent moisture loss whilst aiding the restoration of the skin's suppleness and glow. Just what the skin needs for an early morning pick-me-up. Pour a small amount into your hand and massage in upward, circular motions. Splash your face with some lukewarm water and see the Cleansing Oil transform into a light cleansing milk to whisk away all overnight debris from the skin. Suitable for normal, dry, sensitive and combination skin.

    • Follow with a few drops of the Organic Facial Oil, applied to clean slightly damp skin to lock in that extra moisture on the skin. The award-winning Organic Facial Oil is suitable for all skin types, is non-greasy, and rich in oleic and linoleic acid to provide anti-ageing skin benefits. If you're new to using face oils, take a look at this how-to video.
    • If your skin is blemish prone or you're experiencing breakouts, enjoy the Hemp-Infused Blemish Recovery Oil until your skin improves, and then continue with the Organic Facial Oil. The innovative, targeted blend is formulated specifically for acne, blemish-prone and hormonal skin to help rebalance the skin’s microbiome, reduce bacterial infection and calm inflammation. Apply a few drops to clean, slightly damp skin, just like the Organic Facial Oil.
    Key Takeaway: Start your day with a beautiful plant based cleanser and face oil to cleanse and nourish your skin. A few minutes well spent in the morning will deliver skincare benefits that last throughout the day ahead.


    Day 3 | Your relaxing evening skincare

    You've made it to Day 3 and the final instalment in your skincare reset. One of the most important steps in your daily skin care, at the end of the day, is cleansing your skin. This is necessary to remove daily impurities, pollution, dead skin cell build up, sunscreen, make-up and any other dirt that has accumulated on the skin throughout the day. And as overnight is when the production of skin cells is at its highest, using a deeply hydrating and targeted face oil before bed is key to building your skin's natural defenses while you sleep. 
    Like your morning skincare, your evening routine is built around the core of a fantastic plant based cleanser and natural face oil:
    • As the sun goes down and the day draws to a close, remove any make-up, sunscreen and daily impurities with the Raspberry Seed Cleansing Oil, applying directly to your skin and then activating under water to turn into a milky cleanser. If you live in a polluted city or would like to experience a deeper cleanse, you can enjoy the antioxidant-rich Green Clay Cleansing Balm with the Organic Muslin Face Cloth instead, or as part of a double cleanse after the Cleansing Oil. Using the two products together is such a luxurious way to care for your skin and is a lovely weekend treat when enjoying your self-care rituals. 
      • Apply some cool water to the skin to close the pores and finish with a few drops of the Organic Facial Oil or Hemp-Infused Blemish Recovery Oil, taking a few moments to massage into the face and neck to aid lymphatic drainage. There's no need to layer the skin with multiple night treatments, creams and eye creams.
      • In the evening, really take the time to massage the beautiful plant oils into your skin, connecting with your skin and how you're feeling, and visualizing all the beautiful nutrients restoring, replenishing and repairing your skin. Just a few minutes of facial massage at the end of the day will go a long way to maintaining healthy skin. Follow along with our facial massage video.

      Key Takeaway: Bring your day to a close with plant based skincare and facial massage; a simple, highly effective evening routine that delivers long-lasting benefits while you sleep.


      Bonus | Self care beyond the core

      You have now completed your 3 Day Skincare Reset where you have rediscovered skincare and found a greater connection with the products you use and how to care for your skin. 
      With your core morning and evening skincare routine in place, you can explore and introduce complementary products like the Green Clay Face Mask once or twice a week to improve your skin's natural radiance, the Organic Body Oil to restore parched skin after a bath or shower and our Organic Hair Oil to deeply nourish hair, free from silicones and parabens.
      We are always happy to help and love being able to share our skincare tips to help you make the switch to plant based skincare or introduce more organic skincare into your daily routine. Share your progress on the 3 Day Skincare Reset with us at or Instagram @bysarahlondon, we'd love to hear from you.
      With love,
      Sarah & Lauren 
      Founders, By Sarah London
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