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Introducing our sustainable Christmas collaboration with Skandinavisk

It’s no secret we’re extremely proud to be a certified B Corporation and this festive season, we're spreading that sustainability love by collaborating with fellow B Corp, Skandinavisk. 

Like us, the best-selling Copenhagen-based candle brand champions balance, purpose and – most importantly – finding happiness in small everyday moments. For Skandinavisk, that's with candles inspired by the landscapes, seasons and people of the Nordic region. At By Sarah London, it's through our plant-powered skincare blends that soothe and restore. 

By Sarah London

Together? We're here to bring the calm to your Christmas. Think three expertly-curated sets that allow you to completely slow down – and all while protecting the planet. 

“A sense of Scandinavia. Of vast silent landscapes and raw seasons, of cosy shared moments and quiet sophistication”

Each of the new sets presents a beautiful ritual that can be enjoyed first thing in the morning, at the end of a long day or as a mid-afternoon moment when the festive overwhelm gets all too much.

By Sarah London

Alongside Shaun and Gerry, the founders of Skandinavisk, we've carefully selected the perfect candle pairing for our hero skincare formulas. These include HAV Candle (evoking the fresh salty Scandi coastlines), SKOG Candle (inspired by the pine and fir scents of the Boreal forests) and HYGGE Candle (think cinnamon-fuelled cosiness and self-reflection). 

By Sarah London

Cosset your skin with one of our blends, breathe in the freeing Scandi aroma of your candle and truly embrace five minutes of tranquility.

Since we both boast gold-standard B Corp certification, you can rest in the knowledge that everything you're using has sustainability at its heart. 

From our endlessly recyclable 30% PCR glass bottles to Skandinavisk's traceable and non-GMO Swedish rapeseed wax, both brands have met the incredibly rigorous standards required to become a B Corp. 

We're challenging you to slow down this Christmas season. This is a time to spend with those you love the most, and even if we can’t be with them in person, being able to think of them without distraction can still mean just as much. 

After all, it’s the thought that counts. 

The By Sarah London x Skandinavisk collaboration gift sets are available now. Shop here.


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