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Q&A with Domingo Rodriguez, Founder of Grown Adaptogens

Q&A with Domingo Rodriguez

BY SARAH LONDON - Q&A with Grown

You may have heard of them, but you're not quite sure what they are or how they work. We're talking about adaptogens. I sat down with Domingo Rodriguez, the founder of Grown, the creator of beautiful adaptogenic tonics, for a very candid conversation to find out what all the buzz is about and if they might just be the wellness pick-me-up you need.

BY SARAH LONDON- Grown adaptogens

What sparked your interest in health tonics and wanting to launch your own brand?

I've always been drawn to ways to live as healthily as I can and tonics are the one of the easiest ways to incorporate them into an every day diet. As a teen I started with green and herbal teas, vitamins and matcha and I've been adding in ever since. I got fully hooked on turmeric lattes and whilst travelling in LA got introduced to adaptogens and before I knew it, I was making tonics daily. I have a highly stressful job and adaptogens really help keep me balanced. I began by sourcing the ingredients directly for myself; I was making powdered herbal tonics but it was becoming time consuming mixing and blending before I left for work in the morning. Once I cracked my liquid formulas as a quick and easy way to incorporate them into my diet every day, I then launched the brand, Grown: a health tonics brand, producing potent, adaptogenic forumulas with therapeutic benefits.

Why are natural ingredients important to you?

I think natural ingredients are one of the most important connections we have to the natural world and how we are meant to live. I’m currently between London and New York and I’m spending far too much time online and in the city without any connection to nature and the real world. Whatever we put inside ourselves needs to be recognisable to the body, be it food or supplements; the more natural we can get, the more our bodies are able to recognise and utilise them. 

"Adaptogens are dual directional herbs and mushrooms that support the body’s natural defences against physical, environmental and emotional stress, helping to create balance and wellbeing throughout the body."

What's your best tip when using adaptogens for the first time?

Adaptogens are to be taken daily in small, consistent amounts. When taking for the first time, really try and listen to your body and understand how you feel. Take them for a minimum of 3 weeks to begin with and try to take note of any changes. For me, adaptopgens have really helped build my resilience to stress - that’s not to say I don’t get stressed, but they simply help me bounce back to normal and keep me balanced to my natural functioning state.

What did you do before launching Grown?

work full time in fashion, which means every 6 months there is a huge build up of stress that disappears the day after we show our collections, only to re-appear again 6 months later. That constant up and down really wreaked havoc with me. I suffer from stressed-based alopecia so I was developing small bald patches around these times and I was looking at herbs and mushrooms as a natural remedy to help me balance stress and cope during these difficult periods.
BY SARAH LONDON - Grown adaptogens and matcha

How do you balance a very demanding role building a new brand with your well-being?

I try and keep balanced with lots of adaptogens and creating calming moments through the day. For me that's taking time for a pot of tea or the soothing ritual of whisking up a bowl of matcha. I love my sleep so in the mornings I’m often rushing to work and don't have time to enjoy breakfast or a brew, so I drip Grown straight under the tongue and I know I’ve got my day's worth of adaptogens with out any extra hassle.

"Upgrade your existing habits by mixing our formulas into tea, coffee, juice and smoothies or take a dropperful directly under your tongue as a simple way to incorporate them into an everyday diet."

What's your favourite tonic to enjoy at this time of year?

Right now it's our Mushroom Tonic which is a formula of 8 different mushrooms that help balance and support the immune system. I love it in a warming turmeric latte (my favourite is by Wunder Workshop) for extra anti-inflammatory effects or dripped in a Pu'erh or Oolong tea that are really soothing during the winter months. 

What does the rest of 2019 have in store? 

I have 2 new formulas launching in 2019 that I’m super excited to share. I want to grow the business to more stores and expand our reach online. I look forward to more tastings and meeting all our fellow adaptogen lovers. 


Interview by: Sarah, Founder, BY SARAH

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