"My skin has improved and so has my mental health"

It might not be obvious to start with. Using our natural, B Corp certified skincare will repair and restore your skin. But something else happens too. When you care for yourself in this very intentional, mindful way, you start to notice the positive effects it has beyond your skin - to your mental health and wellbeing. So many of our customers get in touch to candidly share their experience of this transformation. Here's some of the recent reviews and messages we've received, plus our top tips for navigating skincare. 

"Brilliant service for a gift for a dear friend who was having surgery for cancer. Having had cancer myself and been very nourished physically and mentally by the products, this was the ideal gift. Thank you Lauren and Sarah for understanding it all so well. We purchased this just before the Royal Mail strikes in December, and the team were so efficient about communicating delivery updates to us." - Tessa L, 5 star review

If you are going through cancer treatment or know someone who is, take a look at our Expert Guide for top tips on how best to care for sensitive, fragile skin, including how to treat dry lips during chemotherapy and how to treat acne during cancer treatment. 

If you have acne or are prone to hyperpigmentation, our skincare can be a lifesaver, especially if you are short on time and trying to take care of your wellbeing, as this customer explains. 

"I stumbled upon By Sarah London through my favorite go-to for a plant based and wholesome lifestyle, Deliciously Ella, and have quickly fallen in love! I have very oily skin with some old acne scars and hyperpigmentation. The combination of the facial cleansing balm and the Hero Facial Oil, I have seen a big difference in my whole face in just a few weeks. Old marks are fading, my skin is less oily and more plump! I just turned 40, and feel I look better than ever. I wish I had found this years before using a lot of really toxic skincare products. I have already placed a second order, to not run out. I never write reviews but I love the simplicity and honesty behind this brand, and have shared with many friends already. So thankful for my new, simple but yet effective routine. I start my morning with 10 minutes of yoga from Deliciously Ella’s app, and follow with By Sarah London, and I end my evening with a longer By Sarah London face routine and 15 minutes of yoga. They’re the perfect marriage for a stressed out and spread thin mom of two female entrepreneur, and have given me so much in terms of not only physical well being but also mental well being 💛" - Maria, 5 star review.

If you've been sent from pillar to post on your skincare journey and don't know where to turn, it can not only take a hit on your skin, but your confidence too. We know how difficult it can be in these times and are always here and happy to help. Read on as one customer shares how she found great comfort, results and improvements in her mental health when she discovered By Sarah London.

"A while ago I listened to a podcast where a dermatologist said that it is not good for your skin to use oily products every day, so I was put off ordering the facial oil. Then, after using skincare products from a well known brand, my skin was just not having it and was breaking out constantly, it was so irritated and red. That's when I ordered the Hero Facial Oil. It has been a couple of weeks of me using it and my skin is loving it. I have oily skin that is prone to breakouts with additional scars from acne on my cheeks. My skin has not been this good for years - it's looking so healthy, the constant breakouts have reduced to an occasional zit here and there (which I didn't believe a facial oil could do), my acne scars are healing and getting so much lighter you can barely see them. Even my pores look so much better! The oil sinks in the skin so fast and leaves your skin soft and glowing (not oily tough). My overall skin condition has improved so much since using the Hero Facial Oil and so has my mental health. The packaging - wow! Needless to say I would recommend everyone to have a go." - Trusted Customer, 5 star review.

Our 3 Step Essentials is a great way to enjoy healthy, radiant skin every day in 3 simple steps, in just 3 minutes. Comprising our signature ‘cleanse, hydrate, repair’ ritual, this bundle delivers a vitamin-rich dose of hydration and nourishment, for a healthy complexion, without compromise.

If you are having difficulties with your skin or you know of someone who would benefit from our natural skincare (free from any known irritants, including essential oils or fragrance), please do share this article with them - it might be more valuable than we realise.


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