Max La Manna & Venetia Falconer Reveal Sustainability Hacks For Earth Day 2019

Top Earth Day Tips from Plant-Based and Sustainability Ambassadors

It's Earth Day on Monday 22 April 2019. Two friends came to mind straight away to help empower you with their top tips to inspire change and promote more sustainable choices: Max La Manna and Venetia Falconer.

Max is the plant-based and zero waste chef who inspires us with his life hacks and is never without his string turtle bag. And Venetia is the slow fashion and sustainability ambassador who empowers us to consciously consume and give long life to our clothes! I caught up with them both for their top sustainability tips for Earth Day...



My top sustainability tip is to eat more plants and create less waste. Maybe that's eating a plant based meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Maybe it's going vegan or plant based for one week out of the month or cooking a plant based meal. 

Buy food with less packaging, create your own food from scratch, compost your food scraps or turn them into a vegetable stock. Save your bread if you think that it's going to go off and put it in the freezer and save for another date.


BY SARAH LONDON - Venetia Falconer

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world, but we can make small changes, starting in our own closets. Organise your wardrobe so you know exactly what you own and celebrate the pieces you have by wearing them multiple times. Old is the new black.

Look after your garments to make them stand the test of time. Read the washing instructions, mend them when they break and when they’ve reached the end of their life, upcycle them into household rags for cleaning.

"Whatever you do buy, make sure it’s something that makes your soul sing. And wherever possible, support ethical and sustainable brands."

Swap with your friends so your wardrobe feels fresh or attend a Swap Shop! These are popping up globally all the time, follow the Slow Fashion Exchange Facebook Group to keep up to date.

When you want something new, shop second hand – either in charity or vintage stores or via Depop or eBay. If you need something for a specific occasion that you’ll only wear once, try a rental website, like Hurr


We love these top tips from Max and Venetia! If you're looking for more inspiration for Earth Day 2019, take a look at the zero waste ingredient that you can add to your breakfast smoothie and is blended in our Green Clay Face Mask! You remove the Mask with the Organic Muslin Facial Cloth which gently buffs and exfoliates the skin. The best part: you can reuse it again and again (big eco-friendly credentials). And once you've finished the mask, you can upcycle the glass jar as a new home for some succulents or storage for some kitchen ingredients or jewellery.

BY SARAH LONDON - Green Clay Face Mask

BY SARAH LONDON - upcycle glass jars

How are you spending Earth Day? Share your top tips with us @bysarahlondon on Instagram and Facebook.


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