How to double cleanse your skin

By Sarah London Balancer oil to milk cleanser

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing involves a two-step ritual to cleanse your skin and can be enjoyed when wearing SPF or waterproof makeup each day, and also ensures all impurities and environmental pollutants which have accumulated on the skin are effectively removed. With beautifully clean skin, the active plant oils within the By Sarah London collection can penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, working more effectively to strengthen your skin's natural resilience and health. 

Should I double cleanse my skin?

If your skin is typically oily-prone, double cleansing is often recommended, particularly when wearing makeup and SPF. Equally, if you live in a city and are exposed to high pollution levels, it's important to remove the dirt and pollution that accumulates during the day. These free radicals cause oxidative damage to the skin and contribute to the breakdown of collagen in the skin. Double cleansing with beautiful and efficacious plant oils will dissolve both oil-soluble debris (i.e. sebum, make-up, sunscreens) and water-soluble debris (i.e. sweat and some environmental pollutants). 

How to double cleanse with the Balancer Oil-to-milk Cleanser

Step 1 

Enjoy the Balancer Oil-to-milk Cleanser to firstly remove any makeup (including eye makeup) and sunscreen. In upward and outward sweeping motions, take the time to gently massage the hydrating cleansing oil into your face and neck. Splash your face with some warm water to create a light, cleansing milk and rinse.  

Step 2

Repeat step 1 to remove any excess dirt, sweat, pollution, bacteria and dead skin cell build-up. Enjoy with the Organic Muslin Facial Cloth as you gently exfoliate your skin. Finish with a spritz of the Reviver Hydrating Mist and finish with a few drops of your favourite By Sarah London facial oil.  
You can repeat these steps every evening, as a weekend self-care ritual or whenever your feel your skin needs a deeper cleanse. This will reduce any dullness and brighten your complexion. 


Written by: Sarah, Co-Founder, By Sarah London

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