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Highlights of September 2018


September marked a shift in the season with the first amber tinges of autumn in the leaves and crisp, bright mornings. Change was afoot at BY SARAH HQ too. September marked a big milestone in the first in our series of hotly anticipated Conscious Living Workshops, the launch of two new products (have you tried them yet?) and the unveiling of our Loyalty Club where you're rewarded each time you share and shop.

Conscious Living Workshop

Why we choose organic, plant-based ingredients in our skincare is a very deliberate and intentional choice - it came from Sarah's innate desire to help me when I was recovering from leukaemia in 2012. She was searching for the very finest quality, plant-based ingredients that had been grown in the richest soils so she could create skincare blends to help soothe my sensitive skin. Sarah passionately sourced the best certified-organic, plant-based oils, including organic sweet almond oil and organic argan oil, to create her own blends to soothe and nourish my skin.

It's our passion for the efficacy of organic, plant-based skincare that is at the heart of our brand and is why we decided to launch our workshop series: to share this knowledge and help to empower you to make more conscious choices, starting with skincare. We kicked off our workshop series with Wunder Workshop on 12 September in London where we led an inspired conversation about the transformative benefits that come from choosing plant-based food, such as tumeric, and skincare, like our Organic Facial Oil. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about the next workshop!

BY SARAH LONDON - Conscious Living Workshop

Live from the Conscious Living Workshop!

Two New Products

We were delighted to launch our new Organic Hair Oil and Green Clay Face Mask this month! I love using the Organic Hair Oil because it contains Sea Buckthorn Oil; it's high in the very rare Omega 7 fatty acid which protects hair cells from damage caused by oxidation, boosts collagen production and is rich in vitamins (including A, E and K) which promotes the strength and elasticity of hair. It's been so popular since launch too. Not too sure how to use it? You can find out more in our "how to" blog post.

BY SARAH LONDON - Organic Hair OilHave you tried the new Organic Hair Oil?

Our Green Clay Face Mask is one of the most antioxidant rich products in our collection. Sarah decided to create this product with three highly potent ingredients: Organic Matcha Green Tea, Organic Moringa Oil and French Green Clay. It comes in powder form so sometimes I mix it just with water to form the paste, or other times I'll use organic honey if my skin is feeling dry. I love that I have this option to customise the mask. I incorporate it into my Sunday night bedtime ritual and use it as an opportunity to practice my mindfulness; focusing on the texture of the mask, how it feels on my skin and visualising all the incredible vitamins, fatty acids and omegas cleansing and restoring my skin.


BY SARAH LONDON - Green Clay Face Mask

Try mixing the Green Clay Face Mask with water, organic honey or natural yogurt

Conscious Life Loyalty Club

When we launched BY SARAH last November, we had no idea what to expect. Would people love our skincare as much as we do? Would our customers be interested to try new products? The answer has been a resounding yes - and we are so grateful! Sarah and I are always trying to find ways to say thank you for the support we have received, all the wonderful new customers who visit our store every day and our returning customers who are the first to pre-order our latest product launch. The launch of our Conscious Life Loyalty Club is our way to say thank you.

You can earn Points as you shop at bysarahlondon.com and are rewarded as you share with friends. You will earn 500 Points when you create an account and 1,000 Points for each friend you refer. You'll earn 2 Points for every £1 spent too. You can then redeem these Points for money off your next order or free shipping. Read more about how to earn points and be rewarded with our Loyalty Club. Have you joined yet? Don't miss out on these benefits - we created them for you :)

BY SARAH LONDON - Loyalty Club

Our Conscious Life Loyalty Club is made for you


Did you miss last month's round-up? You can catch up with August's Highlights and see more of the articles on The Blog too.

Written by: Lauren, COO, BY SARAH

BY SARAH LONDON - Blog - Lauren

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