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Highlights of April 2018


My standout highlight this month was making our brand film! It was so much fun. I felt very proud as Sarah and I shared our very personal story for launching BY SARAH and our mission that drives us every day to create incredible natural and organic skincare and to share this with you! It was a day filled with laughs and smiles - and we'll be sharing some of the outtakes very soon. You won't want to miss them!

BY SARAH LONDON - Sarah and Lauren

Me (left) and Sarah (right) mid-way through a spontaneous hair swish during filming!

A big milestone for us this month was our new registration with The Vegan Society. Our award-winning Organic Facial Oil and Organic Body Oil are both registered with The Vegan Society and proudly display the logo on the product pages of our website. It's more than just a logo though. For us, it cements our commitment to consciously choosing ingredients that not only provide rich nutrients for your skin, but do so without being tested on animals and without the use of animals in the manufacture of both products too.

Keeping with the product theme, we introduced two new products this month: Green Clay Cleansing Balm and Bath Salts. Not only do I love the pop of colour they bring to our skincare collection, but they have wonderfully-enhancing self-care benefits. You can read my last blog post to see why we launched these products and why we chose each of the ingredients, including French Green Clay and Himalayan Pink Salt.

We also launched our first pop-up collaboration in partnership with Taylor Morris in Notting Hill, London. Sarah has always dreamed of having her own store - and now we're one step closer to realising that dream! We will be hosting some in-store events at the store so come along and say hi!

Looking ahead, May is looking super exciting as we're set to travel to Scotland, Oxfordshire, London and New York! Be sure to sign up to our newsletter so you're in the loop with all our latest news, events and more!

Written by: Lauren, COO, BY SARAH

BY SARAH LONDON - Blog - Lauren

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