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How to Keep Hair Healthy: Your Post-lockdown Guide

From split ends to chin-skimming fringes and dodgy roots, the last year has left our hair feeling less than lustrous. But now our lockdown-ravaged tresses can finally be tended to, you're probably wondering how you can keep up that fresh-from-the-salon feeling.

As official partners and ambassadors of the Little Princess Trust – and having donated our own long ponytails last summer – Lauren and I know all about getting the chop.

By Sarah London

Read on to discover how to to maintain that professional shine, swish and volume following your long-awaited hair appointment.

And don't forget, you can donate your own locks to the Little Princess Trust, too! The ideal length of hair they request is 17cm - 30cm and it costs the charity £550 and 14 hair donations to make a single wig. Lauren was gifted her own when she was going through her gruelling leukaemia treatment nine years ago and it's a truly incredible cause.

Use a silicone-free plant-based hair oil

Many shine-boosting hair styling products or conditioners use silicones to deliver a mirror-like lustre. Like a lip gloss versus a deeply nourishing balm, these create a coating on the surface of the hair which can be handy for a temporary quick fix but won't truly care for your strands. And over time, they can cause build-up leaving hair dull and limp.

Instead, opt for plant-based oils that get to work deep inside each strand for stronger, shinier, swishier locks that won't feel weighed down.

By Sarah London Hair Oil

Our much-loved By Sarah London Hair Oil uses three of the highest quality plant-based ingredients, carefully selected for their incredible benefits to hair. Organic Argan Oil is one of nature's superstars that's remarkably high in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and Vitamin E. It also increases hair's elasticity to help prevent breakage.

Alongside this, there's Sea Buckthorn Oil to help combat dryness, thinning and split ends thanks to its omega-7 fatty acid content. Our award-winning blend also boasts Vitamin E that protects against UV damage and neutralises the effects of free radicals. Talk about a hard-worker!

Use it on towel-dried hair as a leave-in treatment – in place of conditioner – or as a styling product to fix flyaways on dry hair throughout the day. The formula also shields from styling tool-induced heat damage which is another culprit for broken, dull strands. Requiring just one or two drops at a time, it's a real magic elixir for your mane.

Avoid haircare products containing sulphates

Ever seen SLS on the label of your haircare product? Short for sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate, this is the ingredient responsible for delivering a foaming sensation. While the lathering action can be satisfying, it can often irritate a sensitive scalp, worsen frizz and cause colour fade. When used in facial cleansers, it can also cause dryness.

Instead, make a beeline for products that are SLS-free. Like the rest of the By Sarah London collection, our Hair Oil is free from the ingredient as well as essential oils, added water and fragrance so you can be sure you're only getting what your hair needs and nothing else. We also donate 10% of all sales of the oil to the Little Princess Trust. Now that's what I call a beauty 'goodie!'

The best foods for hair growth

Still feel your locks are waning on the luscious-o-meter? Consider the foods you fuel your body with, too. If you're found to be deficient in biotin, supplements containing this can support hair strength and growth. And be sure to opt for a diet filled with plenty of hair-kind vitamins and nutrients – eggs, spinach, fatty fish, avocados, nuts and seeds are particular wonder-workers for this.

Ready, set, swish!


Written by: Sarah, Co-Founder, By Sarah London

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