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Hair Conditioner or Hair Oil?

Hair Oil is Your New Hair Care Secret

We're often asked what conditioners we'd recommend. But here's the secret: a (plant-based) hair oil will transform your hair naturally in ways a conventional conditioner cannot.

By Sarah London Hair Oil

Many non-natural, leave-in conditioners can make hair stringy or clumpy and you may need to wash it out afterwards. And what washes off your hair and down the sink can be far from natural (read more about the ingredients to avoid).

Our Hair Oil is best used instead of a conditioner as a hair treatment oil - but unlike many leave-in conditioners, it won't leave your hair greasy and is 98% organic.

After you've used your favourite natural shampoo and towel-dried your hair, apply 2-3 drops of the Hair Oil to the ends of damp-wet hair. It will enrich your hair making it easier to style, provide intense nourishment and hydration and leave a healthy shine, without a greasy residue. 

Here's How it Works

  • The Hair Oil contains certified-organic Argan Oil which is renowned for its high antioxidant content to reduce the effects of free radicals (which damage the cell structure) and provides deep nourishment and hydration. Naturally high in Vitamin E, it also helps to promote cell growth and turnover to produce healthy hair.
  • Certified-organic Sea Buckthorn Oil is a powerhouse ingredient in the Hair Oil! It contains Vitamins A and E which rejuvenate and renew cells to improve hair strength and elasticity. It also contains Omega-7 which provides one of the essential building blocks for healthy hair. It helps combat dryness, protects against oxidative damage (e.g. from environmental pollutants and sun damage) and helps hair to better retain moisture. 

by sarah london organic hair oil vegan and cruelty free

It's Kind to the Planet too

What's more: the Hair Oil  is certified Vegan and Cruelty Free which means there are no animal-derived ingredients and no animals have been harmed in the making of the Oil (read more about our ethics and certifications). The Oil is blended with 98% certified-organic, cold pressed, plant-based ingredients (argan oil and sea buckthorn oil) which have come from rich soils, free from synthetic pesticides, artificial chemical fertilisers, herbicides and GM crops (the 2% non-organic ingredient is Vitamin E which is 100% natural and GM-free).

Now you can enjoy your most empowering, hair conditioning treatment yet! If you have any questions about how to use the Hair Oil, let us know at hello@bysarahlondon - we're always happy to help :)


Written by: Lauren, Co-Founder, By Sarah London

BY SARAH LONDON - Blog - Lauren

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