All Zoomed out?

With the new week comes another full calendar, most probably with many Zoom invitations from morning to night, Monday to Friday.

It has been one of the most-used technologies over the past few weeks and it's been incredibly positive - bringing us closer and creating a sense of at-home togetherness.

But for all its connectedness, it can feel like some of the natural buffers and transition periods in the day are slowly disappearing.

To reclaim those pauses in the day, enjoy your By Sarah as natural cues to help you feel more grounded, calm and refreshed throughout the week ahead. 

By Sarah London Organic Facial Oil

Pre Zoom | Feel comfort in the continuity of your daily facial ritual every morning with the Organic Facial Oil

By Sarah London Organic Lip Balm

During Zoom | Top up with essential lip and dry skin hydration in our Organic Lip Balm as often as you need it

By Sarah London Organic Body Oil

Post Zoom | Unwind with the luxurious plant oils in our Organic Body Oil at the close of the day



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