11 Ways to Go Organic this September

What does choosing organic mean to you? For us, it means hope for the future of our planet and kindness in the choices we make. Hope that our wildlife, environment and farming communities will continue to thrive under the rigorous and environmentally sustainable practices of organic farming. 

The Soil Association's annual #OrganicSeptember campaign is the perfect opportunity to take action. Choosing organic is one step towards a more sustainable, mindful way of living. 

We've shared our top 11 ways to make more organic choices from food to skincare to inspire your shopping choices this month and beyond.

BY SARAH LONDON organic food

1. Cook With Organic Ingredients

Going organic doesn't mean a massive overhaul of your daily choices; it's about making the small switches here and there that over time add up to big change. Love your weekly pasta dish? Try substituting organic tomatoes or grating some organic cheese on the top.

2. Grow Your Own Herbs

Don't have a garden or balcony? No problem - grow your own herbs on a sunny window ledge inside. How about mint. It's easy to grow, has such an uplifting scent and is so versatile. Add a couple of leaves to hot water for a refreshing morning tea.

3. Ask Where Your Food Comes From

If you're eating in a new restaurant or even one of your all-time favourites, be curious and ask where their produce comes from. Is it local? Seasonal? Or organic?

4. Try An Organic Veg Box

We interviewed Abel & Cole to learn more about their organic veg boxes and how to enjoy food as it should be, free from artificial fertilisers, herbicides and GM feeds. It's a great way to enjoy the convenience of organic food delivered straight to your door.

5. Read The Ingredient List

There's only one way to be 100% sure of what you're eating or putting on your skin. And that's by checking the ingredient list. To make it easier for you to make informed and empowering choices, we detail a full ingredient list on the front label across our natural and organic skincare

By Sarah London Organic Body Oil

6. Choose Cold Pressed, Plant Based Organic Skincare

We only use the finest cold pressed, certified-organic plant based ingredients across our face, body and hair care. Cold-pressing preserves the ingredient quality, potency and purity in a way that heat-treating cannot. And the plant based oils absorb into your skin more easily. 

7. Experience An Organic Facial

To really experience the transformative benefits of our organic, plant based skincare and learn bespoke lymph drainage and skin-boosting facial massage techniques with Sarah, book an appointment to experience the By Sarah London Signature Organic Facial at No. 30 in Kensington, London. 

8. Support Certified Cruelty Free

Championing high standards of animal welfare is central to organic farming. And is something we fully support; it's why our entire collection is certified cruelty free with Cruelty Free International. Look for the Leaping Bunny logo this month; it's the only internationally recognized symbol guaranteeing that no animal tests have been used.

By Sarah London Green Clay Cleansing Balm and Muslin Cloth

9. Look For GOTS

The Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) heavily restricts chemical use in textile processing, protecting workers, local communities and the environment. Our Organic Muslin Face Cloths (used with the Green Clay Cleansing Balm) are 100% GOTS cotton making this most eco friendly of facial cleansing tools even more sustainable.

10. Take A Walk In The Park

Reconnecting to the natural world is one of the most immediate and tangible ways to rethink the way we perceive our place in the environment. Take a walk among the trees in the park this weekend or take a more scenic walk to work. 

11. Be Kind To Yourself

And finally, last but not least: when we're kind to ourselves, we tend to slow down for a moment and become aware of how we're feeling. It's in these moments that we can make the best choices for our health and wellbeing overall, whether that's as part of #OrganicSeptember or beyond. 


Do you have other ways you're going organic this month? Share your #OrganicSeptember tips with us on Facebook and Instagram.


Written by: Lauren, COO, BY SARAH

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