Organic Muslin Face Cloth

The reusable and biodegradable Organic Muslin Face Cloth removes your make-up and daily impurities.  Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified-organic and 100% natural, it's the most simple and effective facial cleansing tool that can be used over and over again. 
"Lovely soft muslin cloth, no harshness like some other muslin cloths. Feel my skin has improved with the gentle exfoliating effect."
"I'd never used one before now and I'm completely converted. it's leaves you feeling really clean and exfoliated without being harsh on your skin."

    The eco-friendly Organic Muslin Facial Cloth is designed for use with the Green Clay Cleansing Balm, Raspberry Seed Cleansing Oil and Green Clay Face Mask.

    The double weave of the cloth gently removes these cleansing products and improves circulation to reveal a healthier, more radiant complexion.

    Double layered muslin face cloth is 30cm x 30cm.

    • Dampen the organic cloth in warm water and gently sweep across the skin to remove the cleansing product
    • Experience the gently exfoliating and buffing qualities of the muslin cloth as it removes daily impurities and boosts circulation
    • Rinse in warm/hot water after each use and leave to air dry
    • Machine wash the organic muslin cloth at least once a week at 30 degrees
    • The GOTS standard ensures the health of farm workers and the environment have not been harmed in the production of the cotton - which, in non-organic farming, relies on the heavy use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides
    • Eco-friendly, re-usable and machine washable
    • Say no to landfill and goodbye to disposable face wipes and single use cotton pads
    • Best affordable natural face cloth
    • Read more about the sustainable benefits in our 4 easy skincare switches to save the planet article

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