Affirmation Cards

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​Manifest your goals and step into your power with our Affirmation Cards, containing 10 beautifully designed affirmation and gratitude cards.

With inspiring quotes, practical activities and mindfulness exercises, each card invites you to connect to your deeper purpose.

Each can be completed in a few minutes or act as the focus for longer moments of self-care. The cards teach you how to develop your self-belief, emotional awareness and manifest what you really want.

10 beautifully designed affirmation cards.

Enjoyed within a few minutes, but with a long-lasting impact, each card shows you how to face daily challenges with positivity and manifest the life you dream of living.

Use the affirmation cards every day or whenever you need them most, keeping them with you or in a safe place at home or work.

The Affirmation Cards are presented in a sealed envelope with 10 inspiring cards, each measuring 15cm L x 10.5cm H. Cards are printed on FSC certified paper and are carbon balanced.

The By Sarah London approach to transformational living is based on a holistic approach that includes taking care of our minds and bodies. We believe in living with a full heart, with a positive mindset and healthy body. We believe that every thought is a seed; you can grow flowers or you can grow weeds. We choose to grow flowers.

By Sarah London is founded on the power of sisterly love and the belief that you can change your mind, your skin, your energy - all without compromise. Through years of research and testing, this simple belief is our guiding force and the foundation for each of our empowering products.

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