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From London to LAX: Your in-flight skincare ritual

Your in-flight Spa Experience with the Deluxe Discovery Set

This week we flew to California and we're thrilled to have met so many of our US customers and to share our journey with many of you on Instagram! It was one of the longest flights I've taken (10.5 hours direct from London to LAX) and in addition to keeping hydrated and as active as possible keeping my skin soft and nourished was top of the list.

Travelling from cold, drizzly Blighty to hot, sunny destinations can wreak havoc for your skin, particularly if your skin can be on the dry side like mine.

The flight is an ideal opportunity to give your skin some TLC with the Deluxe Discovery Set


BY SARAH LONDON - Deluxe Discovery Set

The Deluxe Discovery Set fits neatly into your carry-on bag and includes mini travel sizes of your BY SARAH skincare favourites so you can enjoy your own in-flight spa experience, they're the perfect travel companions.

Here’s how I gave myself a mini-facial on the flight and how you can do the same from the comfort of your seat the next time you're at 30,000 ft. 

Cleanse Your Skin with the Green Clay Cleansing Balm

BY SARAH LONDON - Green Clay Cleansing Balm
Whether you're an hour into the journey, half way through or looking to refresh your skin before you arrive at your destination, start your skincare ritual by applying a small amount of the Green Clay Cleansing Balm directly to dry skin (and over make-up).
Massage into your face and neck using small, upward circular movements. The Balm contains French Green Clay, which gently whisks away impurities and dead skin, and Organic Apricot Oil and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil which nourish your skin, leaving it beautifully cleansed. 
Ask the friendly flight attendant for a cup of warm water and then dampen the Organic Muslin Facial Cloth. Gently remove the Balm by wiping over face and neck, taking extra care around the delicate eye area. The weave of the organic cotton fabric gently removes dead skin cells, make-up, daily impurities and improves skin circulation.

Nourish Your Skin with the Organic Facial Oil

BY SARAH LONDOn - Organic Facial Oil
To rejuvenate your skin, massage a couple of drops of the cult favourite, multi award-winning Organic Facial Oil into your skin. If you're new to using an oil, the best approach is to use the "pat and press" technique: patting and pressing the oil into your skin to aid its absorption into the deeper layers of your skin. It's blended with five beautiful cold-pressed, certified-organic, plant-based ingredients,including Pumpkin Seed Oil and Evening Primrose Oil, to feed your skin with vitamins, minerals, omegas and fatty acids. The high altitude reduces the flow of blood, so take a few minutes to gently massage the oil into your skin to boost circulation and promote radiant, glowing skin.

Apply the Organic Lip Balm throughout the Flight

BY SARAH LONDON - Organic Lip Balm

To keep your lips soft throughout the flight, use the velvety-soft Organic Lip Balm. I also find the hand wash on planes really drys my skin out so I use some of the Balm on my hands too. The Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Apricot Oil and Organic Beeswax in the blend banishes dry, parched lips and dry skin patches. The scent of the coconut oil is refreshing too.

    Share your In-Flight Facial with us

    Once you've finished your facial, enjoy a cup of water to counter the dehydrating effects of hours of AC. Take a walk up and down the aisle to stretch your legs and boost your body's blood flow. And like many of our customers, share your in-flight photos with us by tagging @bysarahlondon on Instagram when you land. We love to see you enjoying your in-flight spa experience!


    Written by: Lauren, COO, BY SARAH

    BY SARAH LONDON - Blog - Lauren

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