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Christmas gift edit: the best sustainable ideas for 2022

It's been a sheer rollercoaster of a year with the national mood yo-yoing from profound joy to grief, relief and anxiety – sometimes all in one day. That's why, this Christmas, we're championing gift-giving – not just as an act of kindness – but as a way of bringing comfort to those you love. 

From our luxurious body oil to our pre-bedtime booster and candles that can be enjoyed all winter long, our Christmas gift selection celebrates the small daily rituals that make a big impact. 

As always, sustainability remains at the forefront of our line which is why we've chosen to collaborate with fellow B Corp Skandinavisk this Christmas. Their self-care ethos and eco-friendly approach resonates with our mantra at By Sarah London and, together, we've crafted three Limited Edition Gift Sets for skin and soul. 

The winter warmer

By Sarah London

You might not be able to spend time with a loved one all year round but that's not to say you can't cosset them with the skincare equivalent of a cuddle from afar. Our Limited Edition Soothe and Serenity Set, £67, has been designed to do exactly that. 

It includes our Indy Best Buy best-selling Body Oil that can be massaged all over for a soul-steadying act of self-care at any time of day. Applied with long flowing motions and under the glow of the set's Skandinavisk HYGGE Candle, it'll bring warmth to the coldest of days. Expect notes of baked cinnamon, dried apples, black tea and mint leaves for an irresistible soothing aroma. 

Like all Skandinavisk's candles, it comes in a recyclable glass jar and is made from sustainable Swedish rapeseed wax.

The mood-booster

By Sarah London

It's incredible how just starting and ending your day with a mini moment of calm can work wonders for your emotional wellbeing. That's why we've created our Limited Edition Rest and Reawaken Set, £57 – a three-piece collection with your morning and evening ritual in mind.

Our Vitamin C + E Daily Radiance Booster is the perfect wake-up call, brightening and rejuvenating skin thanks to our expert blend of vitamin C, vitamin E and soothing plant oils. 

At night, our Bakuchiol Daily Recovery Booster will help close the day with clarity. Using bakuchiol – which offers the powers of retinol as a plant-based gentle alternative – this booster helps to regenerate skin while you slumber. 

For each, the set's Skandinavisk HAV Candle – inspired by Scandi shores – is the ideal accompaniment, evoking clarity and calmness with notes of salt spray, sea kelp, hawthorn and beach rose.

The tension-buster

By Sarah London

We all know the importance of taking time out but sometimes it takes a little nudge to make us do so. Consider our Limited Edition Nurture with Nature Set, £53, that 'nudge' for someone you treasure, giving them the tools they need to slow down, breathe in and let go... 

It contains our much-adored Hero Facial Oil that uses omegas and biome-boosting organic plant oils to plump, illuminate and replenish even the most stressed-out complexions. 

Applied with upwards circular motions, and concentrating on the temples and jawline, it's incredible at busting tension and fatigue while quieting a whirring mind. 

Paired with the set's Skandinavisk SKOG candle, conjuring up the pine, fir and birch sap aroma of the Boreal forests, you can gift someone a daily moment of real restoration.  

The stocking filler 

By Sarah London

Know someone who could do with a little lift? Surprise them with our Lip and Hand Balm, £22 – our handbag-sized pot of joy that's mini yet mighty. 

Loaded with virgin coconut oil, apricot oil and beeswax (and free from petroleum jelly), it gives an unbelievable shot of moisture to stubborn dry areas. Slather it onto cuticles, elbows, heels or even to add a lustre to your brows or cheekbones. 

It's the ultimate intensive treatment for on-the-go – the Swiss army knife of skincare. 

The pamper fix

By Sarah London Saviour Moisture Mask

Busy mums or that hard-working best friend who just *never* makes time for herself will appreciate our Saviour Moisture Mask, £44, that can be used as an SOS treatment a few times a week. Putting the twinkle back into a winter-worn complexion within minutes, the flash fix gel mask is bursting with thirst-quenching ingredients. 

Hyaluronic acid lends an immediate plumping effect while aloe leaf extract does an exquisite job of soothing irritation. Just divine. 

The treat for luxe locks 

By Sarah London Hair Oil

Our treasure trove of the finest organic plant oils can be transformational for hair, too. Why not indulge someone in our Hair Oil, £28 – an award-winning elixir that leaves tresses smooth, shiny and beautifully swishable?

Just one or two drops works on towel-dried hair as a leave-in conditioner, or use it as a targeted fix for flyaways on dry hair throughout the day.

It's all thanks to the Argan oil, sea buckthorn oil and vitamin E – nature's own gloss-givers. 'Tis the season to sparkle (from head to toe), after all. 

The pick-your-own option

We know how hard it can be to choose the perfect present – that's why we offer a selection of gift cards, too. Select your value from £25 - £200 and let your recipient peruse our site for their own By Sarah London goodie. Whether they're a loyal devotee or a newbie to the brand, we're sure they'll find blends they truly adore. 

Sarah is on hand to help you, too, offering guidance for finding the products most suitable for your skin type or to help you understand how to incorporate any of our formulas into your existing routine. 

Just get in touch on Instagram or by email at hello@bysarahlondon.com. We love hearing from you!


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