Our 6 New Year's Resolutions

Sarah and Lauren Make Their 2018 Resolutions!

2018 is here! And at BY SARAH HQ we've taken the opportunity to write our resolutions for the year ahead.

While we're big dreamers, we also believe that consistency is key and it's the things that you do day in, day out that - over time - add up to something beautiful. So here are six things we are going to do more of and incorporate into our days to make this year richer and more wonderful than last year:

1. Set a positive intention to start each day. 

2. Listen to one song every day that makes us dance with unashamed joy and jubilation!

3. Connect with like-minded souls, both near and far.

4. Drink more fruit smoothies. They're delicious and good for you. What's not to love!

5. Travel somewhere that pushes us completely outside of our comfort zone. Top of our list: Japan.

6. End each day by saying one thing we're grateful for - no matter how small, like a piercingly-bright full moon on a clear night.

Now we've written them down, we have to stick to them - and you can hold us to this! What are your resolutions for 2018? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @bysarahlondon and tag us in your resolutions!

Written by: Sarah & Lauren, BY SARAH


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