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Q&A with Sarah Fretwell, Writer & Yoga Teacher

Q&A with Sarah Fretwell

At BY SARAH HQ, we had the pleasure of meeting with Sarah Fretwell to learn more about her passion for yoga and why there's much more to asana than we think...

Tell us a little about yourself and what inspired your passion for yoga?
I started yoga almost ten years ago, when I was travelling in Ghana actually. I remember feeling really stiff from all the backpacking so I did a few YouTube yoga flows in my little travel lodge. I’ve since developed a huge passion for yoga, which led me to sign up to a teacher training with appleyoga back in 2013 - weirdly, I just knew it was what I was meant to do. I’ve always loved physical exercise and am naturally very open minded and curious, so yoga has just sort of made me feel more complete and has added a new  dimension into my life. As well as running my yoga business - teaching classes, private lessons, workshops and events around London, I am also a writer and content creator. So I work with brands in the Wellbeing industry, helping them to create better content - from website copy to social media. I love working with small, passionate brands and wellness is something I’m passionate about so it fits in with my yoga nicely! 

What's the one thing everyone should know about yoga?
That yoga doesn’t have to look fancy. It’s an inside job. The asana (poses) were created to prepare the body to sit in meditation, so yoga is really all about the mind, it’s patterns and behaviours, with the aim of dropping the ego and befriending all our little quirks and less desirable personality traits, while trying to heal them, and getting to know your true self. It’s not just about the poses, although they’re super fun! 

Why is yoga important to you?
Since becoming a teacher, my love affair with yoga has only grown stronger. It’s enhanced my life in more ways than I could ever have imagined, from sending some amazing new friends my way, taking me to exciting new places around the world, teaching me so much more about myself than I ever learnt at school, and obviously its increased my flexibility and strength twofold. It’s a never ending journey back to my truest self - once I think I’ve learnt something, at some point I’ll realise that what I thought I knew was wrong. That’s why I love it, it causes me to be more inquisitive, childlike, curious, expressive, open minded and humble. 

What is your skin care regime like and what do you look for when buying skin care?
I have a good skincare regime, I guess I’ve always been interested in skincare and so naturally started playing around with different products and reading a lot of blogs! I always look at the ingredients in skincare - the more confusing, lengthy words there are, the more it shows me that it might not be a natural ingredient. I go for plant-based, perfume free, natural skincare and organic where possible. I believe that what we put on and into our body truly affects how we age and how we feel, so I’m all for natural products. I always cleanse after a long day, and in the morning, with a gentle, oily cleanser. I’ll then add back in hydration with a gentle, usually oil based eye cream, and a serum that contains vitamin C or plumping ingredients like peptides. I’ll always use an SPF during the day, that’s so important! At night, I usually do a clay based cleansing or hydrating mask depending on how my skin feels, and then add hydration back in with a plant based moisturiser that has lots of natural fatty acids and antioxidants. 

What does 2018 have in store for you?
I might have an exciting new retreat on the horizon for early next year, as well as many more workshops and potentially a new class. I’ve recently trained with The Yoga People in Mandala yoga, which is really fluid and creative, so I’m working on some new workshops for this year to bring to London. Watch this space! 

Visit Sarah Fretwell Yoga here.

Interview by Sarah, CEO, BY SARAH 


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