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How to use the Saviour Moisture Mask in your skincare routine

Tired of hearing about elaborate 15-step skincare regimes, seeing countless serums, acids and foams being applied to skin on Instagram and reading about strict ingredient layering techniques? Us too.

At By Sarah London, we've always been passionate about offering you a skincare routine with hard-working, easy-to-use products that fit seamlessly together for healthy happy skin. (Yep, that was our mantra way before the recent 'skinimalism' movement!)

And when we launch something new, you can rest assured it's because we truly believe it'll help look after for your complexion... and mind, for that matter.

Enter: our brand new Saviour Moisture Mask.

By Sarah London Saviour Moisture Mask

Just as the name suggests, this intensive treatment really is ready to come to your skin's rescue when you need it the most.

While our other award-winning products are designed to be used each day, consider this your SOS emergency fix. Although it can be used as often as you wish, I created it particularly for those times when your skin requires something a little extra. It's the skincare equivalent of your cosiest cashmere socks or a hug from a friend when just a phone call won't cut it.

Thirsty, lacklustre or sensitive skin? The Saviour's waiting for you. Read on to discover how to use our Saviour Moisture Mask and what it can do for you. We're certain you're going to fall in love with it, just as we have...

By Sarah London Saviour Moisture Mask

When should you use the Saviour Moisture Face Mask?

Since everything in this deeply-hydrating gel face mask is gentle and kind-to-skin, it's suitable to use as often as you wish. There are no retinols, acids or harsh ingredients that could irritate skin if over-used.

However our concentrated, intensive mask is especially designed to rescue you during your skin's moments of need. Just one application will deliver a turbo hit of nourishing goodness that'll soothe and hydrate your skin deep down, with effects that show up instantly then last beyond.

We recommend using it two or three times a week at whatever time of the day suits you best.

In the morning, it'll act as a brilliant prep for makeup – leaving skin restored and smooth. I even like to store mine in the fridge for an additional calming and refreshing effect!

At night, it works as part of a divine relaxing ritual. Lauren leaves hers on while she enjoys a few stretches and affirmations since the clever gel formula stays on the skin as you gently move.

By Sarah London Saviour Moisture Mask

How should I use the Saviour Moisture Face Mask?

As with all our products, the Saviour is designed to slot seamlessly into your existing By Sarah London skincare routine. There's no need to worry about which ingredients can be layered over which or whether certain formulations will clash with others.

We recommend starting with our Balancer Oil-to-milk Cleanser that gently removes grime and makeup.

Next, smooth two to three pumps of the Saviour Moisture Mask onto slightly damp skin. Leave it on for ten minutes, then rinse off.

While your skin's still a little damp, veil on our Reviver Hydrating Mist. 

Then lock all that goodness into the skin with a few drops of your favourite By Sarah London facial oil.

By Sarah London Hero Facial Oil

What ingredients does the By Sarah London Saviour Moisture Mask contain?

Having been months in the making, our Saviour Moisture Mask boasts a harmony of skin-loving ingredients that truly support your skin's health. Each and every one has been selected to boost your complexion and offer intensive restoration.

Hyaluronic acid is the superstar. Attracting and holding onto 1000 times its weight in moisture, this boosts your skin's hydration while working as a postbiotic to support its precious microbiome.

Aloe leaf extract is another wonder addition. This is positively bursting with amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins to heal, soothe and moisturise the skin.

Our eco preservative is naturally-derived and offers additional powers of hydration. And the pH Balancer provides maximum product efficacy within our high-science formulation.

See? Everything your skin needs for a supercharged shot of total TLC.


Written by: Sarah, Co-Founder, By Sarah London

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